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Is the Education System Racist

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    Education is an important factor for us to learn and is a tool that is going to help us succeed in life. For years a group of minorities have been denied the privilege to continue with their education and attending whichever school they wanted to. Not only they have been placed at a low school that leads them to have more disadvantages than others. In fact, they have been discriminated based in the characteristics that define them and their culture. Now the question that we should ask each other is how as a society have helped the kids that are deprived from their education. School racism is also leading families to homeschool their student because all of the challenges that they have had to face. As stated in the article the Washington Post it says, “African Americans now make up about 10 percent of all homeschooled children in this fastest- growing form of education” ( Mazama 1). The statistics show that the group of minorities has had an increase of 10% dropping out of school that has led to homeschooling. In my opinion education is an important factor that is going to help us surpass the expectation that society has of us as a group of minorities. An aspect often leads to racism is an amateur teacher.

    Mainly white teachers use stereotypes that there have been heard to integrate them into the schools. As stated in the Auburn article it says how, “She is openly preaching a covert face war, many of us Santos 2 look at her actions and are surprised by her open racism. Yet, the casual racism that she advocates entering our schools already exists” (Rashid 2). Schools should be a place where we feel safe and not be judge over our skin color, race or religion. For some people school is the only environment where they are wanting to feel safe, because they don’t have someone that pays to them at home or ask them how their day was. The teachers are getting payed to help us gain some knowledge not to criticized us. These cases go unreported to not affect the image of the school and the publicity. As stated in the HuffPost it says, “There were over 2,000 allegations regarding racial discrimination in schools that were not previously publicly reported” (Klein 2). This supports the idea that cases are not being reported and they are going unpunished to not hurt the image of the school. Not only parents believe that all of the schools are the same, but they will deny their own children from attending school because these cases are not being payed attention to. “However, allegations of racial discrimination against black student continue to make the bulk of overall allegations” (Klein 17). The major group of race that has been in the center of attention because racism is the African Americans.

    Many students believe that is right to discriminate each other because they follow the same footsteps as their parents. It also depends in how your parents have educated you, and how you are able to manage a situation in which you have to be respectful to others. “She openly declares that she is trying to teach children that they are worth less than their peers” (Rashid 1). This shows how we are teaching our children to have so much hate inside of us and be talking down on others. According to Auburn it says, “She encourages others to enter civic institutions and destroy functioning communities” (Rashid 1). Not only they are planting hatred inside of them but, the want to create organizations that are going to split communities away. Santos 3 The doctrine separate but equal that there was before from 1896-1954 stated how it was okay for there to be racism amongst each other. This doctrine violated the 14th amendment which was that no person born in the United States should be prohibited from their privileges. After the civil war the 14th amendment guaranteed rights to all citizens regardless of color. Until 1954 there was a case named the Brown v. Board of education, where separated schools for black and white should not be constitutional.

    In page 44 in the Brown V. Board education book it sated how, “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due” (Gold 24). In the constitution it states how you should not be taken away the right of your life, in which those lines fall education. “For the first time an American court had ordered a public school to desegregate” (Gold 32). An accomplishment was made by making a public school to be desegregated. This law made it possible for the African Americans and the whites to attend the same school without racism being present. The case Brown v. Board of Education was named for Oliver Brown daughter Linda Brown. “Seven-year-old Linda Brown had to walk six blocks through a dangerous railroad yard to catch a bus, then she had to ride for about a mile to get to Monroe School, where she attended third grade” (Gold 7). This is unbelievable because she is a seven-year-old which she is barely growing up and not being able to attend a school closer. “She was up and ready at 7:40 am and she finally entered her classroom at 9am” (Gold 7). Linda was a persistent person which meant that even though if it was a cold morning she still had to go to school. There was another school much closer, Summer Elementary School which was less than four blocks from where she grew up in Topeka, Kansas.

    The school principal would not let her attend because the school was racist it would only attend whites and not blacks. These cases led to other people protesting and fighting for what is right. Not everyone decides to stand for this cause because they believe that afterwards this would have other consequence come with it. For Santos 4 example, prohibiting their children from attending any school, or even going to jail as Rosa Park did, for sitting in the front of a school bus because she believes that it was unfair to sit in the back where there were a lot of seats in the front of the bus. I was surprised by all the information that I have discovered and all of the case that were unreported. There were protest that lead to the Brown v. Board education that had a major turnaround point in ending segregation. If it wasn’t for the Brown v. Board education case minorities wouldn’t be in the same school as the whites and they would had more disadvantages in education. This was a major achievement because if it were not for these cases some of us wouldn’t be receiving an equal education. For example, for me is important because as a minority I am able to attend any college, not worrying that some schools won’t accept me because of my race, religion and etc. Now no student will be taken away the opportunity to attend any school they want based on their physical appearance. Therefore, there has been many changes now that history has evolved in helping children show their full potential in a school of their choice.

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