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Are alterations in society due to an development of thought or as a consequence of the forces of patriotism? The word revolution, when mentioning to authorities systems, means, great alteration, a violent overthrow of the present authorities. The Gallic revolution did affect a great alteration and the effects of the new thoughts spread across Europe, get rid ofing the feudal system and traditional thought. To state that development in thought was the cause of society s alterations would be simple at best. Mankind has been around for a really long clip, yet merely late has this outgrowth of thoughts and forces occurred. Napoleon saw the thoughts that came from the revolution and philosophers, he instituted them across France and the parts that he had rule over. If the revolution didn T occur, society would now be as it was so, despite all the new thoughts spiting from assorted broad minds. Patriotism caused the mean individual to look beyond their local community, now they look around to the full within their state province boundary lines and at other states. Development created to thoughts, but entirely all they would be, are thoughts. Forces of patriotism resulted in the existent alterations in society. The Gallic revolution started patriotism in Europe, doing the state boundary lines, which were for the most portion, based upon differences in civilization. Patriotism strengthened nationalism and other values, giving people the thoughts and will to over throw imperiums. One illustration of this was Bismarck uniting Germany into one state. Freedom from imperiums gave the freedom for new thoughts to be expressed and put into usage. Economic transmutations resulted and many state provinces thrived with an epoch of political and societal justness. How can person state that the political, rational, economic and societal alterations resulted from an development of believing? It is clear that the revolution in France, which led to Napoleon s regulation, allow the thought from philosophers be realized. While alterations in authorities have ever be thought, they were ne’er earlier institutionalised. The Gallic revolution was non the first. History has seen the rise and autumn of many races and imperiums, from the Huns to Caesar. Yet non until the Napoleonic Period ( 1799-1815 )

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were these extremist thoughts implemented. The combine of several provinces into one state was done in this period ; one illustration is Germany wherein three hundred provinces were unified into merely 30.

States today extremely reflect upon ideas of patriot. Many states are so characterized by their cultural beginnings. This has unluckily been the cause of war and discord, due to the arrangement of boundary lines or deficiency of a people s ain state. To make up one’s mind whether or non the forces of patriotism are the cause, lets look at what patriotism has done. The dissolution of U.S.S.R. is one of the chief illustrations, loyal sentiments forced one of the stronger imperiums to divide. One of the advantages of patriotism is the development of democracy in the Easter Europe.The forces of patriotism have by far been the most powerful of forces. Many people would reason that without the original thought the alterations of society could non perchance happen, how could it perchance be realized if there is no original thought. Yet this does non needfully intend that it should be credited as the cause. Many thoughts go by and are non used, non needfully because they are bad thoughts, its more of the fact that they were at the incorrect topographic point or time.The decease of Marie Antoinette was a symbol of patriotism, she was an Austrian and distrusted by the Gallic people. The decapitation of her, was a personification of patriotism, the people of France did non desire to hold a non-French-origin individual in power. This led to more alterations in society as the old hierarchy of France was overthrown. The idea of a state to be ruled by people of similar beliefs had a immense impact on the universe. If Napoleon had non introduced this new construct, the remainder of Europe would hold remained as it traditionally had for the past. While the Gallic revolution supplied the new thoughts and Napoleon implemented them, patriotism was bound to happen no affair, in new settlements such as the United States of America. The Gallic revolution gave manner to the new thoughts and Napoleon distribute them farther across Europe and the settlements. Without these two clip periods, the philosophers would hold remained undue in their words and the society within the 17 100s would hold remained the same.

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