The Success Of My Company Due To Their Well-Being, Which Will Motivate Them To Work

Health Care and health care insurance are very significant for employees to ensure their well-being and contemporary companies are nowadays concerned with the health issues of their workers. Therefore, this paper is aimed at finding the health care of my organic produce stand workers. The organic produce strand has ten workers, and its market is situated in Bridgeport, Connecticut two of the female workers are expectant, and they will, therefore, require prenatal care. After the birth of the babies, it is evident that the babies will need baby care, three of the employees are college learners. Additionally, college students also have coverage under the insurance of their parents since they are full-time learners. Usually, full-time students are always believed to be under the care of their parents thus being considered children and not employees.

Three of the workers are full—time workers, and they have families including wives and children. The last two employees are in retirement and are just working so that they can be busy, they, therefore, work only for 25 hours per week. All these workers need to have appropriate health care to ensure the success of my company through their well-being which will motivate them to work. Since I want my workers’ health to be taken good care of, I have selected Anthem Health Plans Blue Cross and Blue Shield as the appropriate insurance. This type of insurance has numerous advantages giving the many reasons for choosing it, it will offer employees the chance of choosing the doctors they want to go to since it is no fixed to either one doctor or one hospital.

Additionally, the insurance covers all demographic needs it is important to appreciate the fact that Anthem is considered excellent insurance by NCQAt Currently, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield symbols are one of the country’s familiar and trusted trademarks. The insurance is trusted since it has served well a lot of different people from different regions Apart from serving the people of Connecticut, Anthem also serves occupants of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada, Maine, and Virginia. This fact is an added advantage since in case of future growth of my company, it will serve workers staying in other cities or branches of the company in other cities not only Connecticut.

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