Moral Decline in Society Is Due to the Breakdown in Family Structure

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The presentation discusses the topic of moral decline in society and attributes it largely to the breakdown of the family structure. The presentation defines moral as the difference between right and wrong or good and bad, and decline as a decrease. The presentation suggests that weakening stable marriages is the main reason for moral decline in society, as children learn moral values mainly within their families and by relying on parents as role models. The presentation argues that children learn from and are influenced most by those persons who are most meaningful to them, and the most meaningful adults are those to whom the child is emotionally attached. The presentation suggests that parents work fewer hours, turn off the TV set, hold off having children until they can afford it, re-vitalize marriages, and re-organize work to help reduce moral decline. The presentation concludes that families are under siege and being hurt, and more and more children are growing up with weak attachments, little understanding, and a weakened respect for law and order and civility.

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The primary cause of society’s moral decline is the breakdown of the family structure. Do you understand what a moral is? According to Collins English dictionary, it means distinguishing between right and wrong or good and bad. Now, let’s consider decline, which refers to a decrease. So, when we talk about moral decline, it signifies a decrease in awareness regarding what is right and wrong or good and bad. What are your thoughts on the potential reasons for this societal decline?

Various factors contribute to the decline of morality in society, including the breakdown of traditional family structures and marriages, families neglecting quality time together, and a decrease in religious observance. However, many believe that weakened stable marriages are the main cause for moral decline. This is because children primarily learn about moral values from their families and see their parents as role models. When families are unstable or when parents exhibit emotionally distant, absent, preoccupied, or immoral behavior themselves, it greatly hinders children’s ability to develop strong moral values.

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If you were raised in a home where you were compelled to engage in drug trafficking at a young age, it is likely that you would continue this trade as an adult. Conversely, imagine a family that forges strong bonds through common interests and treasures their shared moments. In these instances, parents can instill moral principles in their children, guiding them towards becoming upstanding individuals. However, the intrusion of advertising and the influence of media, frequently endorsing explicit sexual and violent content, have disrupted the formerly safeguarded purity of childhood.

Throughout history, children have been exposed to adult culture from a young age. However, it is important to note that if a child lacks a strong emotional connection with a parent, their ability to effectively teach and guide them morally diminishes significantly. The individuals who have the greatest impact on children’s lives emotionally are also the ones who influence them the most. Therefore, adults who establish an emotional bond with children play the most influential role in shaping their moral development. Thus, it can be argued that dedicating quality time to children is essential for their moral progress.

What actions should parents take to tackle moral decline? This includes reducing work hours, turning off the TV, delaying parenthood until financial stability, and revitalizing marriages while reorganizing work. Overall, families are experiencing challenges and negative impacts. Increasingly, children are growing up with weak connections, minimal comprehension, and a diminished regard for laws, order, and civility. Moreover, children acquire their values primarily from parents and emulate their behavior as the most effective learning method.

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