Art 100 Test 2 Questions

This drawing medium utilizes a piece of silver wire set in a holder…
Color pencil is much like graphite, but the lead is made from pigments and…
Sticks of chalk, pastel, and crayon are all made by combining pigment and a…
Paint in its most basic form is composed of_________ and a liquid binder.
This component of paint has traditionally been made with minerals, soils, vegetable matter, and animal bi-products.
The binding agent in encaustic paint is…
This painting process relies on freshly applied lime plaster to hold the pigment in place.
Taking 4 years to complete, the Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted by this artist in section using the buon fresco method.
The binding agent for tempera paint is…
Which of the following is a paint making process?
The earliest existing printed artworks on paper were created in this culture.
This type of printmaking is done by carving away part of a block in order to leave a raised surface that can be inked and printed.
A relief print created out of a solid woodblock is called a…
If an artist were to create a print with three different colors, how many separate relief blocks would they need?
In the round
Another name for a free standing sculpture is…
Unlike free standing sculpture, this type of sculpture is designed to only be viewed from one side.
Bas Relief
The sculpture process in which the artist carves only in shallow depth.
Which of these is not a subtractive method of sculpting?
Which of these is not an additive process of sculpting?
Site, engineering, materials, needs of user
Architects consider this when designing a building:
This kind of stress pulls on the structure and must be countered by a pushing stress.
Load Bearing
This architectural term describes a structure created from a pile of material
Post and lintel
This architectural construction consist of 2 uprights and a cross beam.
Corbeled Arch
This type of arch span was first used in ancient Babylon and Mycenae.
The ancient Romans perfected this type of arch and often used it in their architecture.
The division between art and craft began during this period.
Process that ceramists use to remove air pockets from clay.
Clay that has a lot of water in it.
The glassy finish of a ceramic object
A wheel
Piece of thrown pottery is made using
First people to employ picture symbols in a consistent language system.
Egyptian picture symbols are called
Johannes Gutenberg
Who was the German inventor of the printing press
Wrote a manual establishing the first set of rules for the construction of letter forms
Letter forms designed to have uniformed appearance
Goya The Third of May 1808 Romanticism
The Third of May 1808 Romanticism
Hokusai The Great Wave Ukiyo-e
The Great Wave
Artemisia Gentileschi Judith Slaying Holofernes Baroque
Artemisia Gentileschi
Judith Slaying Holofernes
Raphael The School of Athens Renaissance
The School of Athens
Olmec Colossal Head Pre-Classical
Colossal Head
Taj Mahal Mughal India
Taj Mahal
Writing with light
What does the word photograph mean?
Early 1800s
When was the first successful photograph made?
Polished metal plates
Daguerreotypes are made on…
Form and texture
The American photographer Edward Weston focused closely on the subject of his Pepper No.30 making the viewer concentrate on the ________ & _______ of the vegetable.
When did it become common for photographs to be collected in major fine art museums?
The way it was recorded
The difference between film and video is…
Camera can capture what the eye cannot
As Edward Maybridge’s experiment with motion showed:
Movies were being showed all over Europe and the US as early as…
The wizard of oz
One of the 1st popular films to use color imagery was
Clay animation
Using a sequence of specially generated drawings to create scenes in a movie is called
Conceptual Art
An art work that consists exclusively of drawings, designs, and plans would best be described as
Marcel Duchamp
The work of _________ was a direct influence on the conceptual art movement.
Mechanized junk
What unconventional medium does Jean Tinguely use in homage to New York?

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