For an Art to Be Discern as an High Art It Must Depend Upon on Its Structure

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According to Novitz, High Art is the only acceptable Art. High Art are highly associated within our historical pasts. We tend to appreciate older artworks such as Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and etc., wherein we tend to learn and gain knowledge from the past events through appreciating the actual artwork itself. It also requires people to have in depth knowledge about the history delineated in the actual painting or at least the historical context when it was actually made. While on the other hand, the new and modern forms of Art are already classified as Low Art. Low Art is merely viewed as an entertainment but with no aesthetic values at all compared to the High Art. It can be easily produced, unlike High Art wherein paintings or sculpture are cannot be easily reproduced. Comedy, Detective novels and Rock music are some of the examples that were indicated in the said article wherein it is already considered as a realm of lower art. But to sum it up, High Art and Low Art can be easily distinguished and really depends upon our different taste, standards and our ability to appreciate its own uniqueness when it comes in appreciating artworks and etc.

Contrasting these two would not be that problematical to define as high art has various forms that were found during the renaissance period, composed of paintings, poetry etc., that were made by the popular artists and mostly recognized by a lot of people even if it passed on about 200 years as these are distributed through technology that it changes its value depending on how its constructed. For instance, equating movies and theatre art, one sees movies as low art, and theatre as high art, these are compared as movie is in a modern system. While on the other hand, theatre was seen as traditionally formed. Comparing mass art to high art, mass art was not seen as popular art but rather an art that talks about the likes of the people, in a way that it is also made in the modern period. Noel Carroll also consider that people in our history have had experienced popular art up to now as its production is continuous that results to multiple copies of the exact creation. An example of this can be the movie and the theatre, movies are appreciated by many as they see it as an up-to-date kind of art as it uses advanced technology, unlike the theatre, they expresses themselves through performing on the stage as it gives the audience an impact while viewing.

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Popular Art previously existed before upon this day to share happiness among each and everyone of us. It is also believed that it is dominated with the feelings of easiness as people watch its various arts under Popular Art. Its main purpose is to entertain people. Its motivation is to engage people with such talents that will be introduced. There’s this called, tolerant hierarchical that clarifies that there are two distinctive normal for class work which are the accompanying: art and popular art. They believed that art is significantly more predominant than popular, as it has its own place and it is flawed unlike the latter. Popular art is also considered as relative to genuine art as people tend to criticize its artworks. Additionally, Popular Art’s status has been denied as its performance isn’t as significant as genuine art. While on the other hand, High Art is simply based on formality.

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