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Article “Male Bashing on TV” by Michael Abernethy



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    In an article written in 2003 by Michael Abernethy entitled Male Bashing on TV, the author laments about the negative stereotype depicted by the media of men. In order to gain a better understanding of the effects of Male Bashing on TV, people need to understand the consequences on the male bashing. The constant denigration of men in the media will lead to problems in the future; specifically, the loss of self-esteem, the way children view their fathers, and how men react to their personal aspirations.

    The problem deals with the way that the media negatively portrays men. While women have been suffered from being negatively portrayed by the media for years, male bashing it has never been as severe as it is today. For example, while watching shows such as King of Queens, Yes, Dear, Everybody loves Raymond, and Still Standing, men are being depicted as “selfish and lazy, inconsiderate husbands and poor parents”. If that is not enough television commercials are depicting men as buffoons and idiots. The print media can be just as bad in the bashing of the male species.

    The first effect is on the male psychic. It is common knowledge in the media world that repetition can influence the way people view things. This is a concept utilized constantly in advertisement. So it is not a far leap to conclude that constant exposure to this denigrating message will affect the way that men view themselves. The second effect will be the relationship between males and their families. By having a lack of good male role models on TV, children are being programmed to belief that men are not capable of becoming good parents.

    The third effect of male bashing had to do with the impression of men in the relationships. This constant barrage of negative portrayals of men has hurt them in their relationships. As males are bombarded with this message from the media, it becomes ingrained into their way of thinking. This results in men who subconsciously feel as if they are not smart enough or who are unable to raise a family. This can hurt them in their careers and their family life.

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