Do Female Athletes Have to Prove Themselves More Than Male Athletes

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Have you ever noticed how little women get paid through the course of their career? Some women do not get paid as often as they would like to. I feel like women should get the same amount of money that guys do. as men do being the reason they have to have to try a little harder than men do because I believe that men do not have to try as hard as women to at most of the sports that they play. In the article”I won, I’M Sorry.” Mariah Burton Nelson States” The most popular sport for high school and college females is basketball”. By Saying this, I think Nelson is saying that most women cannot play anything except for basketball. She is also saying that if most girls tried to play anything expect for basketball,that they would be a failure. She basically making a case that women in high school and college only like basketball. There are other sports like volleyball,soccer, In the 2018 U.S Open, Williams lost a point after breaking a racket after she received an unsuitable verbal warning from the referee of the match.

Male athletes act out like that or sometimes worse than that to get attention from the referee. I do not think that it was not fair when Steph curry was not penalized for what he did in the 2016 Nba Finals when he threw out his mouthpiece because he was upset. They do not have to try as hard as women because they have been most of the sports that they are apart of since they were little kids. In the WNBA, features sports stars like Maya Moore, Sue Bird, and the other top athletes do not get paid as much as the men do in their respected sports. The people that announce at sports games and are suggesting to strike because they think it is stupid that female are treated differently than the males. In the 1973 Us Open, A woman named Billie Jean did not want to play in the tournament because there was not a person to just speak out against the competitive salary that the females got in the early 1970s.

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If all the female athletes walk out, most people who like WNBA and all the other women sports would not even watch sports, and that will decrease the number of tv ratings for both men and women sports. This study shows that female athletes are held to a way high standard more than men are. An enormous 91% percent of females say that they should demonstrate herself a lot often than men. In the article “I won,I’m Sorry,” Mariah Burton Nelson States “ Most feminine winners play the femininity game” (Burton-Nelson) Pg.555. I feel like Nelson is saying this because she wants people to know how important women are in sports. I like she wants to argue her point by questioning females who make something of themselves. She wants to make the women feel confident about playing that sport. They did a poll, and in the poll 350 women answered and the poll found that 8% of women said they felt like they did not have to prove themselves. I believe that they should have gender equality in sports. I feel like people watch men’s sports more than women’s sports because women’s sports are not on national television as much as they would want to be.

Foremost, Women are forced to have than men do in certain sports situation because they are held to a lower societal role. I feel like we prefer to watch men sports more than women’s sports because most of the people that are watching sports like to see contact, and there is not a lot of that in women’s sports except for soccer and rugby, and basketball. Both the men and women’s sports put in as much work as each other. Whenever the men sports teams play, there always seems to be more fans, and better gear and more recognition overall than the women. If women teams are better if not better than men’s teams, they should get more recognition that they should get. Women are looked at as making the sports they play really boring because some people that watch them think they have no skill that they need to have for the sports that they play.

I do not think that it is fair that men get nicer equipment than women because i believe that all of the equipment for men and women teams should be in the best condition as they could be. The conditioning of women’s sports within the USA changed a lot. It started in 1972. Men and women’s opposition is almost the same, but they have different rule differences. I feel like women should be as appreciated as men are as they play on major sports teams. For example, Serena williams is the best tennis player in the world, and she does not get paid almost to how much the rest of the men that play tennis get paid. Serena williams makes more $86 million in her career. As opposed to Rafael Nadal, who is arguably the best tennis player in the world. He makes a grand total of $98 million throughout his career. On the women’s side for the fifa world cup back is 2015, USA only got a $2million dollars for winning. The winners of the 2014 Fifa world cup in the Men’s competition. Germany was the winner and they got a $35 million dollar award.

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