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Assignment 01.16 writing your narrative

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Merit will be given to richness of related content, clear and logical presentation, gig level of critical analysis, insightful implications, balanced views, relevant crossbreeding of concepts, models or theories, and original and/or creative ideas, related examples, illustrations, computed tables, and diagrams. QUESTIONS: A world market has emerged from what was previously national markets, and the climate for international business today is more favorable than in the past.

International strategies increase a company’s strategic competitiveness as it trivets to compete in the global marketplace.

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Assignment 01.16 writing your narrative
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Why would companies choose to venture out of their home country? Include the benefits and outcomes of international strategy for a company in your response. [20 marks] b. Companies may select different modes of entry into the international markets. Discuss some challenges of the different modes of entry. [30 marks] Select ONE public listed company, local or multinational.

Identify the international corporate level strategy (multiplicities, global or transnational treated) that the organization has undertaken to grow its market (in products or services) as a strategic competitive advantage.

Take into consideration that such a firm would operate in multiple industries in multiple countries or regions for which they operate multiple products. Refer to any journal articles or case studies to support the company’s strategy to go global. Identify possible risks that the company could be facing and how it can mitigate or minimize such risks.

Provide a critical evaluation of the strategy and conclude based on your understanding. [50 marks] [TOTAL: 100 MARKS) Assignment Format: Use double space and 12-point of Times New Roman font. The assignment should contain about 3000 – 5000 words (15 – 20 pages) Provide reference using the American Psychological Association (PAP) format d. References should be latest (year 2005 onwards) Notes: Assignments should be submitted according to the due date. њ You are to submit a hardcopy to your facilitator.

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