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Every element of the HRS function, from hiring, compensation, reviews, training, etc. Needs to be developed in order to enlarge the human capital in the organization. Once the gap is recognized, HRS needs to measure itself to guide itself, and show what it’s worth as an ongoing strategic segment. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of HRS strategic role expansion will prove itself to be worthy or not as a benefit to the bottom line. HRS is viewed as the people department and/or resource.

The organization’s people ultimately determine the effectiveness of strategy development, implementation, and subsequent competitive success. A strategic approach that is aligned with HRS ensures that an organization’s employees, skills, and abilities contribute to the achievement of its business goals (Hustled, Jackson, ; Schuler, 1997). HRS Data warehouse – Selected Candidate will be responsible for design, implementation and systems expertise of the data warehouse components focusing primarily on business objects Xi.

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The scope of technical expertise includes design and development of BOO reports, security set-up of medium to high complexity levels as well as the ability to coordinate projects with business personnel and other members of the project teams within the organization to ensure that system requirements, deadlines and priorities are clearly defined and achieved. HRS Associate is the best HRS related job opening I would prefer to apply in FORD Motor Group. I believe it is an incredible opportunity – a company in transformation can provide invaluable experience for human resources professionals.

I also get to partner with the organization to build a skilled and motivated team and enabling them to perform at high levels. With exciting products, a long history and a bright future this job position will surely allow me to expand my professional horizons. An organization needs to acknowledge that HRS is important to its business success. In order for HRS to achieve this recognition, it must have the right people in place to carry out a strategic initiative. HRS needs to define the competencies and skills that it will need to be a strategic contributor.

Outstanding HRS personal will need to build their business knowledge, financial skills, as well as consulting skills. Furthermore, HRS personal will need to become technologically oriented, so they can be free from routine administrative work, as well as leverage information about the workforce. Enabled by technology, HRS will be able to play a more strategic managerial role (Farrago, 2002). Advertise job positions in locations and forums with a widely diverse audience and readership.

Opt for local and regional papers, magazines, trade publications and television. Recognize the cultures that may already be present in the workforce. Not confusing diversity with minority. Make sure to include everyone in my attempts to celebrate diversity. Network with various diverse organizations will provide with the opportunity to showcase the company and its diverse workers. Using such forums to emphasize the company’s dedication to diversity will likely increase interest from diverse individuals.

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