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Utilized all social media

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In general, the retail locations are inviting and modern, with bright lights with white floors. The white floors illustrated wider shopping space, while the bright lights enhanced the colorful fabrics in terms of being true to their color and attractiveness. Forever 21 divided sections of their store into several themes, seasons or genre. For instance, as spring is around the corner, they set up a floral prints section specifically to flaunt their spring collection, while the winter collection is placed in a section on its own.

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Utilized all social media
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Outfit genres such as sports, engineer, shoes and so on are categorized on their own as well. Recently, they had a Mackey Mouse themed collection that were placed on a particular corner of the store, and within that area anything from top to bottom had Mackey related icon attached to the products. Strategy. Up to date, fast fashion, always on the go. Utilizes all social media. Own optimum website (fast delivery, very nicely categorized) Forever is known for providing the latest chic trends with an affordable price.

The retail strategy that I picked up from Forever is a very up-to-date kind of company.

They are noninsured a fast fashion company as their inventory is always updated and changing according to the latest trend. Not to mention, they are considered one of the innovative fashion companies out there, which utilize social media to its fullest. Not only they have multiple physical retail store across countries and cities for their customers to engage their products in, they also own an optimum e-commerce website that allows their customers to shop at their convenience. Noticed that they place notices on their retail stores stating “Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Visit www. Forever . Com for more deals”. Their website contains many more items that can’t be found in their physical store. Personally believe that social media helped them engage better with their customers. For instance, being a follower in their Mainstream, I realized that they often promote their merchandise by putting an outfit together or referencing a fashion floggers outfit that was from Forever. They further entertain their customers by hosting occasional giveaway contests and also posting random inspiring quotes to feed their followers.

Backbone and Twitter, however still remains as their primary customer engagement devices. Important shout outs, promotions or giveaways is still often hosted through these servers. Recently, they started a Youth account that provides outfit ideas along with promoting their merchandise, but has still not captured their customer’s attention yet as their subscribers are around two to three thousand. Up till now, Forever has done an amazing job in being on par with many successful companies. Nevertheless, there are a few suggestions based entirely on my personal opinion that might further assist them in making improvements.

Firstly, it would be so much easier for customers to browse through their ales section of the store if they made a few adjustments in providing a wider pass through for the walking zone and also more racks for these clothing so that cramping the variety of clothes wouldn’t be necessary. As for their video flogging, I would suggest more educational videos to keep their customers entertained such as more outfit pairings, tutorials about what kind of clothes suits a certain kind of body shape and so on. With this, Forever would appear to be diverse in the fashion industry, and not a company which motive is just to push sales.

In addition, videos about portraying the company’s culture could be a DOD idea to attract potential employees and also retain the existing ones. Next, creating an Android Forever app would expand their customer base outside Apple mobile users. Changes I would recommend: Present the sale corner better in the actual retail stores As for their social media, I would recommend: 1) Be more active in their video flogging (either provide more merchandising info, or maybe creative methods to pair their clothes with) 2) Create an app for their own store ( have for apple, but not for android ATM) 3) Engage more in social bookmaking: Article:

Sale items at the back Located with other clothing stores. (Malaysia, new York, and the one in gateway mall too) Based on the article “Science of shopping” by Pace, Forever 21 did match his idea of placing “destination items” that people commonly would look for at the rear end of the store, just to lure the customers to walk deep into the store. Noticed that most of their sale items were placed behind the store, and basics or staple clothing in the middle or behind the outlet. According to past experiences, the discounted items did motivate me to go further into their outlet.

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