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A depiction of Christ

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How does Carriage use naturalism in the “Calling of SST. Matthew’? Aggravation’s Calling of SST. Matthew, paints a vivid picture of religion without making it completely obvious that it is based on religion through elements of naturalism. The men around Matthew are dressed in fine clothing and the other two subjects walking through the door are not. However, viewers can see that the figure with the light beaming over his head as he is pointing and the thin gold line is of great importance.

This leaves viewers to believe that the picture is a depiction of Christ.

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A depiction of Christ
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Christ is pointing to Matthew and he in return points to himself, as to ask “are you talking to me. ” Another element of naturalism is the way Chrism’s face and hand are illuminated in the gloomy interior so that we see the precise moment of his calling to Matthew is yet another element of naturalism in the painting. Aggravating shows us through the painting an “actual” moment of religious history and conversion of Matthew.

In summary this Aggravating execution in this painting tells a clear story that is very natural and not over-exaggerated. 2. 20 points) Describe a work that uses membranes. In The Conversion of SST. Paul Aggravating shows intense and vivid tenebrous by employing muted tones and a nearly black background. SST. Paul is laying on the ground with his hands up as he is struck by the light of God. The light also reveals the flank and mane of his horse that takes up most of the space. The intense raking light from an unseen source at the left is used to model forms and create textures. The light in the painting makes us imagine that the subjects are larger and are partly revealed by the light.

The selective highlighting endows the fife-size figures with a startling presence and theatricality typical of the Baroque. 3. (20 points) What are the characteristics of Baroque Sculpture? Give an example of a sculpture that employs Baroque style. Characteristics of Baroque Sculpture are vital, energize, and dynamic, suggesting action and deep emotion. Other characteristics include; life-size, sense of grandeur, monumental, deeply cut facial expressions and clothing capturing light and casting shows to create not just depth but drama.

An ideal example of Baroque Sculpture is Bering’s David, which has fierceness of expression, movement, and dynamism in the Baroque style. In character the sculpture is also Baroque because of the implied presence of Goliath. The energy of the space between David and his invisible adversary also shows an element of Baroque. The sculpture distinctive feature of Baroque is its new, active relationship with the surrounding space. However, it is meant to be seen as in most other Baroque sculpture, from one primary point of view. 4. 20 points) Discuss the Qualities of Velazquez “The Maids of Honor” What articulacy makes this work a Baroque painting? One quality Vetch man in the door entering the room seems to stare deep into the space as to examine things. Although the area seems to be small this aspect of the painting makes the figure look very far away; a spatial value of Baroque. The use of light by Velazquez pulls the viewer into the court as the focal point. Everyone in the painting appears to be looking at the viewer. In the Baroque style the painting tells a story of an event of a wedding which makes the viewer feel as if they are a part of what is going on.

Tenebrous seems to be the particular quality that makes Velazquez painting a Baroque painting; the use of darker tones in the background and light used on the royal court to give them greater importance. 5. (10 points) What period is most associated ceiling paintings? While other periods produced ceiling paintings the period most associated with them is the Baroque period. 6. (10 points) What two Baroque architects worked on the SST. Pewter’s Cathedral? Carlo Modern was one of the Baroque architects that worked on SST. Peters Cathedral and Giant Lorenz Bernie was the other after Modern’s death.

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