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Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited

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Jet. It is manned by volunteers whose dedication, together with the generosity of donations of artifacts from many staff and former colleagues. The British Airways Heritage Collection has existed since the formation of British Airways. It was formed to preserve the records and artifacts of British Airways’ predecessor companies BOCA, BEA, BAAS and the pre-war Imperial Airways Limited as well as British Airways Ltd. Over 400 uniforms from the sass to the present day are preserved, as well as a large collection of aircraft models.

On 25 August 1919,

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Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited
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British Airways’ forerunner company, Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited (AT&T), launched the world’s first daily international scheduled air service between London and Paris. That initial proving flight, operated by a single- engines De Havilland DADA biplane taking off from Winslow Heath, close to its successor company’s current Heathers base, carried a single passenger and cargo that included newspapers, Devonshire cream and grouse. British Airways celebrated its 90th anniversary on 25 August 2009. Until recent, British Airways was the airline partner of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

On 18 May 2012 it eel the Olympic flame from Athens International Airport to RNA Cellulose while carrying various dignitaries including Lord Sebastian Coke, Princess Anne, Olympics minister Hugh Robertson and London Mayor Boris Johnson, together with footballer David Beckman. The Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984 created a strong competitor for BAA The Virgin Atlantic Airways are the formation of Richard Brannon. In 1993, the intense rivalry between British Airways and Virgin Atlantic culminated in the former being sued for libel arising from claims and counter claims over a “dirty tricks” campaign by BAA against Virgin.

British Airways’ campaign against Virgin included poaching Virgin Atlantic customers, tampering with private files belonging to Virgin and PR undermining the reputation in the City. Following a libel case, British Airways agreed to pay El 1 0,000 damages to Virgin (and IEEE,000 to Brannon) and E million legal costs causing BAA management to apologies “unreservedly” for the alleged “dirty tricks” campaign. An action filed in the US in 1993 by Virgin against BAA over domination of the trans-Atlantic routes was thrown out in 1999.

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