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The official communication from the organization

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    Just in case you have not achieved the sameњњњњ within 15 days on receipt of the soft copy, kindly write to the HRS Contact Person(s) or Offers Dispatch ([email protected] Com) for courier details along with your reference number and joining date. You can anyways join us with a copy of the soft copy of the offer letter. њ Can I resign from my current company based on the softy of the offer letter received from Inflows? Yњњњњ ou can use the soft copy of the offer letter tњњњњ o initiate the separation process at your end. [l Can the date of joining be changed if I am being made to serve my complete notice period?

    Although the date of joining њњњњ is given to you based on the business requirementњњњњ s and depends on criticality of position, but in the worst case scenario we will be able to accommodate your cњњњњ omplete notice period. C] I would like to prone/ post-pone my DO], whom do I contact? You caњњњњ n get in touch with your reњњњњ cruiter at Inflows for changes in joining date. My date of joining has been changed. Will another offer letter be sent refleњњњњ cting the revised date of joining? The mail thaњњњњ t you receive from the HRS person communicating the deferred / advanced date of joining is the official communication from the Organization.њњњњ

    You will be required to carry a printout of theњњњњ same with you at the time of joining. CO Will I be eligible for leaves during probation period? Yes, you are eligible for leaves during probation period. Leaves are credited to yњњњњ ou quarterly on a prorate basis and you are eligible for 15 leaves (annually) in your probation period. ј њњњњ Does Inflows provide any joining bonus? We do not have policy of joining bonus at Inflows. Page 1 of 7 JOINING RELAњњњњ TED: 0 Is my location of posting and location of joining / reporting the same? Generally, your location of posting is where you are required to join / port.

    Your recruiter will proactively communicate any exception to this. O Where and to whom do I report to on the date of joining? Based on your location of posting (as mentioned in your offer letter), kindly report at the respective Inflows office and meet the respective HRS Contact person(s) for your joining formalities. For details, please refer Annexed 1. њ Can I join Inflows on any day of the week? Typically the joining formalities are conducted on Mondays and Thursdays for Bangle joiners. If your location of joining is a city other than Bangle, then your joining formalities would be conducted on Mondays only.

    Hence, we would appreciate if you could join us accordingly. RELOCATION RELATEDњњњњ : њ There is no mention of the relocation allowance in my offer letter. Am I eligible for the same? Only employees whose Personal Level is either “6” or “7” are eligible for reimbursement of relocation expenses. Your Personal Level is mentioned along with your Role in the offer letter. D Are there any certified or authorized Packers and Movers attached њњњњ to Inflows? We do not have any certified or authorized Packers and Movers attached to Inflows. However, you may contact any reputed Packers and Movers in the city from where you are relocating. њ Will Inflows provide any assistance in finding a permanent accommodation in the њњњњ place of posting? Inflows does not provide any assistance in looking out for a permanent accommodation. In Bangle the mњњњњ ost preferred residential areas of Infections are Grammarian, BAT and January due to the commuting time and distance to work and also due to the frequency of the Inflows bus facility to these areas. The following links may assist you in looking out for an accommodation in Bangle. Http://www. Nonlinearities. Com/CGI-bin/e-directories/search/list. Pl ? Data=realignment’s http://www. Gramњњњњ marian. Com/karaoke/rentals. HTML http: //www. Megawatt. Com/search/Real_Estateњњњњ њњњњ /index. SHTML http://www. Explicitly In addition, you can touch base with your friends њњњњ who are working in Inflows for some pointers in this regard. Post your joining, you can get inforњњњњ mation from our electronic Bulletin Board which has postings of messages on accommodation(s) available. Page 2 of 7 If you are joining any of our offices other than Banњњњњ glњњњњ e, kindly contact the exceptive HRS Cњњњњ ontact Person(s) for more details (please refer Annexed 1 Does Inflows have any corporate tie-up with educational institutions (schools and colleges) to enable the new joiners to get admissions for their wards?

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