Factors Task – Type and Taste

List the factors that would influence your decision in each situation and explain your responses.

Renting a video to watch with your roommates,

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There is a wide variety of videos and in addition to that they can be classified as either public or private. It is therefore important to choose the right type of video to watch with the roommates. Additionally, different people have different taste, it is therefore essential to consider the taste or preference of individuals.

Price and quality

Some videos might be expensive but their quality is low and thus buying them might be wastage of money. On the other hand, some might be cheap but of low quality. It is therefore essential to compare the price and the quality.

Choosing a restaurant to go to with a new friend

Type of food

            Different restaurants have different types of food because of the diversity in cultures and traditions. Since different people have different cultures and traditions considering them is vitally important. Some individuals cannot eat certain types of food since they are considered to be a taboo in their culture. Additionally, some people might be allergic to certain types of food.

Quality and price

            In some restaurants their services might be expensive and of low quality while in others might be expensive and of good quality. Similarly, some might be cheap and of low quality while others cheap and of good quality. Comparing the prices with the quality offered is very important when choosing a restaurant.

Money available

The amount of money available is very important when choosing a restaurant. Different restaurants have different prices. To some people some restaurants might be expensive while to others they are cheap. The amount of money available is crucial in choosing a restaurant.

Buying a popular music compact disc

 Money available

            The music compact disc might be expensive and thus not affordable to some individuals but to others it is affordable. The amount of money available will determine whether it is affordable or not.

Taste or preference

Preference is essential in determine whether to by it or not. In spite of the music might be popular, different people vary in terms of preference and thus some might not prefer to buy it.

Buying jeans to wear to class

Money available

The price of the jeans might be too high and thus not affordable to some people but to others it is affordable. The amount of cash available will be essential in determining whether it is affordable or not.

Dress code

            In some learning institution, there are rules which prohibit wearing jeans or certain types of clothing in class. The dress code will be important in determining whether to purchase and wear jeans in class.

You are the media planner for an agency handling a small chain of upscale furniture outlets. What would be your recommendation to the furniture store owner? Include in your recommendation the reasons for your decision, including your media objectives or goals.

            The furniture store owner should include the metropolitan magazine in the ad schedule even if it means reducing the newspaper media. From studies done recently, the number of people who read newspapers is continually dropping and thus having more alternatives in media advertisement can contain the problem. By having advertisements in different types of media the chance of many people seeing the ad will be increased. Furthermore, many magazines are going online thereby increasing the efficiency in advertisement.

Explain the three primary purposes of Internet advertising.


It is a way of communicating with the customers and thus promoting products and services for businesses. This leads to increase in the sales and thus a business can expand.

Saving traveling expenses

Through internet advertising a business can market itself in many places without having to travel thereby saving the traveling expenses. In such a case, it is used as a way of saving money and avoiding labor intensive advertisements.

Business opportunity

Internet advertising to some people it is an opportunity where people can earn money by advertising other people’s products. Some people start internet advertising as a business to improve their livelihood.

Name three new forms of alternative media with which advertisers are experimenting. Explain how they work and what advantages they provide.

Guerilla marketing

This involves going to places where people are located at particular times and socializing with them. It involves going to the people’s workplace, playground and even in their homes in order to create a connection and thus advertise the products. This method involves much traveling but it is cheap since it involves a low budget. Furthermore, through socializing it creates more customers who are more likely to continue using the products than through the online method.


This involves integration of brands into the themes of television shows. Advertisements are embedded in specific television programs. The product being advertised is integrated in the television programs as a character thus people cannot miss seeing them. The main advantages of this method are that it is cheap and not labor intensive.

Video games

This involves placing products and services within video games. As individuals play the games they cannot miss noticing the products being advertised. This type is meant to target all individuals however it is focused mainly on males of 12 years to about 34 years. The main advantages of this type of method are; it is cheap and not labor intensive since it does not involve much traveling.

The marketing management of McDonald’s restaurants has asked you to analyze the aperture opportunity for its breakfast entrees. What kind of analysis would you present to management? What recommendations could you make that would expand the restaurants nontraditional, as well as traditional, media opportunities?

The analysis will involve determining the efficiency and effectiveness of their current advertising media and its impact on the number of customers. To add to that the analysis will determine other alternatives to improve sales.


They should consider using other methods of advertising in order to attract more people to the restaurant. Cross media advertisement might be good option in ensuring continuous increase in the number of customers. Furthermore, they should avoid wastage by over advertising using particular types of media.

Describe the six steps in the creative process.

A creative process can be individual or can involve a group of individuals. However the steps below are for an individual creative process.


This involves reading, doing research and learning what the problem is and what it is all about. The step involves understanding the problem.


This involves analyzing the problem by looking it from all angles and generating ideas. The ideas generated should as many as possible in order to have a wide range of options.

Brain fog

After analyzing the problem and generating ideas, getting the right idea is very difficult and an individual might decide to quit. In choosing the right idea an individual might run out of options and thus get demoralized.


This involves relaxing your mind and thinking subconsciously about the ideas and how they can solve the problem. Since choosing the right idea is difficult, an individual should relax and think without much pressure.


At this step an idea will come up in the mind unexpected. The idea can pop in the mind when a person is doing his or her own activities or relaxing.


This step involves analyzing the idea and checking how it works in solving the problem. This step is important as it leads to the utilization of the idea.

List five characteristics of creative people.

·         Strong curiosity

·         Self sufficient

·         Persistent

·         Assertive

·         Self discipline


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