Absorb type activities assignment for week two

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Teachers can use absorb activities in the forms of a presentation, tidings, stories told by the teacher and field trips. However all children have different learning styles, therefore; it is up to the teacher to find that one assessment that will fit all the needs of all his/her students. The assessment of the need would be to follow the curriculum for history and we will visit the “American Civil War. During this time each of the students will have access to a virtual tour of the Gettysburg museum and learn about the civil war. Http://probabilistically. Com/ this site will provide the students a virtual tour of the battle fields. If this stays with the common core of Pennsylvania, then this would be the standards to follow US History 1850-Present, History this covers grades from 4th to the 12th grade. Students will learn about “Distinguish between fact and opinion from multiple points of view, and primary sources as related to historical events. ” (Pa. Common Core, 2013). The assessment is that there was a war, and the impacts of the war on the world today.

The mission is to find out how the students will react during the virtual field trip to Gettysburg and listening to the facts about the Civil War. Students are to engage in a concussion about how the war came about and how it affects everyone today. The students will receive lecture notes about the reenactment of Gettysburg and they will understand through a power point presentation how the battle took place. Having photos of the reenactment gives the students an outline of what it was like before they visit the virtual tours.

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This approach will allow all the students to engage into a discussion about what they think about the war. Even though the common core standard covers grades from 4th to 1 12th grade the focus group is 5th grade and they will be learning about what caused of the American Civil War. Using virtual field trips as an absorb-type activity, students can gain key foundations, create a fantasy world of what it was like, place events with a timeline, listen to event accounts, and gain concept of reality (Slouching, 2010).

This type of assessment of the activity can be conducted independently, or with all teachers in that grade level. It is often hard to get students to be enthused in a subject matter that might bore them however; with an engaging virtual field trip that has lectures from the past might be that one tool that will id the teacher in getting his/her students to perform well, on test and other do activities. Often times that a teacher would like to know that their lesson plans are actually helping students gain knowledge about the subject at hand, and if their students are retaining the information that he/she is providing.

By doing the pre assessment before the virtual field trip students will gain powerful insight into what they will be learning during the trip. Students will listen to lectures about Gettysburg and they will learn about the time that made our country what it is today. During their virtual field trip they will do a survey type assessment that will aid them in learning. This survey should help them know what to look for while they are exploring the site. Field trips are a valuable teaching tool. What strengthens the use of that tool is careful, purposeful planning and evaluation by teachers and site educators. While field trips can be enjoyable, they must be educational, engaging, integrative and worthwhile. ” (Slouching, 2010, p. 210). Having handouts ready before the virtual field trip students can fill them out during the experience. All of the teachers should be following the state tankard core that aligns with their state.

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