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    A good average cost for a wireless router, would e around $50 dollars. The next component is the computer. The computer is your main source for computing, it connects to your Internet connection and is the component that stores all of your information and handles all of the traffic and routes to the Internet. Now day’s computers range in cost and specifications. You can purchase a computer as low as $500 dollars or as high as $15,000 dollars. Just depends on what your looking for. A good average cost for a computer in today’s times is around $1000 dollars. Again much goes into the specs but just to provide an example this works.

    The next component that we will discuss is a Firewall. With computers and IT exploding as it has over the past few years, so has the individuals that try to gain access to your machine. A firewall is a device that applies the security to your network. They come in all different sizes for different setups. Firewalls have two connections. One is to the computer/network and the other is connected to your Internet connection. Firewalls have ranged in price from about $50 dollar to over $3000 dollars. A good average for small size networks would be around $300 to $400 dollars.

    The next component that we will look at is a wireless access point. The wireless access point basically extends the network out via wireless. If you a wireless router you most likely will not need an access point? Access point as normally used in large area networks covering large areas. The average cost for a Wireless Access Point is around $600 dollars per Access Point. The next component is a hub. A hub is a device that again extends and enables you to connect more wired computers if you do not have additional Ethernet ports available. This is an optional device, as you only need if you do not have additional ports.

    You can find hubs in just about any store now days. A hub runs as cheap as $1 5 dollars to as expensive as $200 just depending on what you’re getting. Page 4 A Modem is a device that converts phone signals to data. This device connected to your phone line will enable you to get onto the internet if your ISP has this enabled. This device connecting to a wireless router will enable you to be able to run a wireless network throughout your home. Modems are usually pretty cheap. They come in two different flavors. A dial up modem and a DSL modem. Usually with DSL modems you will get those for free from your phone company.

    When dealing with Dial up modems you may have to buy this component. These devices usually run around $20 to $30 dollars for the card. The next device is a printer. The printer enables you to print off documents that you may have found online or other documents. The printer connects to your computer directly or you can connect it to your network and all computers will be able to print to it. A printer in today’s time is a must have. The average cost of a regular home printer is around $200 to $300 dollars. Again this just depends on all of the bells and whistles that you get. The next device is an optional device, which is a Server.

    A server is a computer of high end that stores users data, provides shared space for private transversal of documents, etc. Usually businesses and some home business use a server so that they have a means of backup and so nothing is stored locally on the machine. A server cost is really depending on the internal components. A server can run from $2,000 dollars to upwards to $20,000 + thousand. The next component is a NICE (Network Interface Card). This is a component that you will need if you plan on attaching to a network. This card enables your aching to be able to access the Internet.

    Cards are relatively cheap and can again be found in most IT stores. The ballpark figure for cards is about $30 dollars. The next component is a scanner. A scanner enables you to copy a document in the fashion of scanning. It’s a device with a glass top in which you lay a document down (face down) and close the lid. The device will scan the document and if its attached to your computer it will enable you to view that document on your computer screen. This is an optional device. Again this device can range in cost. A good low cost scanner is under $100 dollars. The last component is a Multiplexer.

    A multiplexer is a device that takes multiple inputs and combines them so that it produces one output. Depending on your setup this again may be an optional piece of hardware that you don’t need. These device just like servers can range in cost just depending on size. A good small end Multiplexer is going to cost around $300 to $400 dollars. Now you should have a good idea as to how and where these types of network components exist and what they are for, as well as ballpark pricing. This will help you determine if you really need a component or if someone is just trying to aka an extra buck off of you.

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