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I am taking a few patients on an outing to the park, I will be assessing Nicola who is partially sighted and has a Simmer frame for sturdiness. Due to this, that will mean extra care will be needed and a lot more risks will need be considered. Hazard Risk Control Monitor Broken Glass Nicola could step on glass, or her Simmer frame could easily press on glass and this could affect Nicolas balance standing up. Probability:3 Severity:4 Total risk: 12 Take a different route or assess the path/road way, and guide her right around he glass, giving her a safe route.

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Observe Nicola right around the glass thoroughly. Uneven Ground Due to Nicola being partially sighted and needing a Simmer frame for steadiness, she may not be able to see and feel that the pavement isn’t flat and has bumps and indents and could trip. Probability: 4 Severity:3 Watch Nicolas every movements carefully to prevent her tripping up and carefully guide her.

If there is a lot of uneven ground, consider taking a different route to the park and back from the park to the car.

Bad Weather

The grass could be wet, frosty or muddy, black ice, and Nicola being partially sighted will be even harder to see.

Probability:3 Total Risk: 9 Take spare clothing, for coldness/wetness or getting muddy. Supervise at all times and use guidance to try and prevent Nicola slipping, or becoming wet or muddy. Getting lost This could be a danger of Abuse, kidnap or serious injury

Probability:5 Severity:5 Total Risk: 25 Supervise at all times, take security with you. Supervision at all times and extra staff Kids on bikes/ Members of Public

This could be a danger to Nicola as the bikes could frighten Nicola, and other members could possibly make her feel intimidated at the fact she can’t see properly who it is. It COUld make her wary and very unsettled.

Probability:3 Total Risk: 12 Take another member of staff your patient is comfortable with Avoid places where the majority people is, go out of school hours. Table Key Probability 1 = very low 2 = low 3 = medium 4 = high 5 = very high Severity Total risk = Probability X Severity Priorities Of Risk The top 2 risks from the table ill safeguard against most vigilantly are ‘Getting Lost’ and ‘Kids on Bikes/Members of the Public’ because the probability for getting lost is 5 which is the highest which means its more likely to happen and the severity is the highest so it means it will be serious. ‘Kids on Bikes/Members of the Public’ has the probability of 3 which has a small chance of that happening but the severity is 4 which means its quite a high seriousness. Recommendations For Control Measures Stick to paths and take first aid trained staff incase of any injury. Stick to paths, supervise, take a mobile phone and stick to company procedure.

Bad Weather Take an umbrella, medication incase of allergies but with a qualified nurse in medicine, a spare change of clothes and shoes. Getting Lost Take a register for each person especially for the person your supervising, and take it regularly, do a head count and keep close supervision on each person, note what your patient is wearing and the rest of the service users. Report anything suspicious from public members. Kids on Bikes Try avoiding to go when the park is busy.

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