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Beagle Voyage Timeline

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The Timeline of the Beagle Voyage 12 February 2013 On January 1836 at Sydney, Australia he was congratulating himself that he was born an Englishman, and Darwin wonders why there is a completely different set of mammals in Australia. On September- October of 1835 at the Galapagos Islands Darwin discovers many species unique to the islands but they are mysteriously related to mainland species. Through January- February 1835 at the Chile’ Island, Chile Darwin see Mat. Some erupt ; experiences the earthquake in the woods near Vivaldi affecting him erroneously.

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On August 1833 at ROI Negro, Argentina Darwin explores the fertile lowland areas known as Pampas. In March of 1833 on the Falkland Islands Darwin finds them barren but finds fossils making him happy. On December 1832 at the Titter del Fugue, Argentina Cap. Fitzroy sends 3 native people back to their homeland. In 1832 of September at the Punt Alt, Argentina Darwin was fascinated by the huge fossils. On February 1832 at Salvador, Brazil Darwin explored the rainforest’s for the first time; he loved seeing the flowers, grasses, and the vegetation.

On February 1832 the beagle voyage crossed the equator and Darwin had been “shaved”, even though he hadn’t liked with it. On January 1832 at the Cape Verve Islands it dawned on Darwin that he should write a book on the geology of the various countries he shall visit. Darwin at age of 22 in 1831 Joined Cap. Fitzroy on the Beagle Voyage as the ship’s naturalist. The Journey was suppose to be 2 years but it took 5 years. On the 27th of December 1831 at Plymouth, England age 22 Darwin embarks on the Beagle voyage, He had horrible seasickness.

On the 2nd of October 836 at Falmouth England Darwin finally returned home. In August of 1836 at the Bah and Performance, South America in the Jungles Darwin observed the incredible creatures he hate the seasickness though. In June of 1836 at Cape Town, South Africa he observed the massive sandstone that had been risen close to the town. In May of 1836 at Mauritius Darwin observed the field of black lava that was over the grass and bushes. On April of 1836 at the Coco’s Islands Darwin studies the coral reefs growing around the island to test his theory of atoll formation.

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