The Voyage of Life Analysis

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“Thomas Cole. ” Thomas Cole – Biography. National Art Gallery. 2012. Web. 30 Dec. 2012. . This site gives me the life of Thomas Cole. It gives me insight into why he take to paint the pictures the manner he did and his usage of colourss and other images. The article informed me that his aspiration for the pictures was to make a “higher manner of landscape” that could show moral or spiritual significances. He studied abroad. in Europe to happen Muses for his pictures. Although he did go to other states. most of his pictures are inspired by Italy and Sicily. He studied abroad to go a better painter and to besides larn how to develop a higher manner of landscape.

“The Ocean trip of Life. ” The Ocean trip of Life. National Art Gallery. 2012. Web. 30 Dec. 2012. . This site gives me an analysis of each of the pictures in a short sum-up. Alternatively of giving me a sum-up of each of the pictures. it gives me information on each one of them and the ground behind why Cole depicted it the manner he did. The pictures represent a spiritual position on life. Cole suggests merely supplication can salvage the immature adult male from a dark a tragic destiny shown in the picture. The article suggests that Cole’s audacious voyager besides may be read as a personification of America. itself at an adolescent phase of development and should be careful of spread outing West and destructing land.

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B. Jewel. “Painter Thomas Cole and His “Voyage of Life Series”” Web log station. Yahoo! Contributor Network. Yahoo. 3 Aug. 2007. Web. 30 Dec. 2012. This web log gives me a brief life of Thomas Cole and his old plants before his “Voyage of Life” series. It so goes on to explicate each image and what is being shown. The writer digs deep into the picture to uncover things that genuinely cause the spectator to believe approximately. This web log gives me a whole new angle to look at the pictures from. With each painting the writer discusses possible grounds why Thomas Cole would hold painted it the manner that he did. The web log discusses how the pictures trade with faith and a adult males destiny during the tests of his life.

Bertman. Sandra. “Voyage of Life. ” What’s New. NYU School of Medicine. 24 Apr. 2002. Web. 30 Dec. 2012. This article briefly discusses how Thomas Cole viewed the pictures and his logical thinking behind them. The article so goes on to depict how the writer viewed the pictures. how he saw them. and his idea to the significance behind each of the pictures. It gives a brief description of each of the pictures in the series and the writer besides gives me other beginnings within the article. The article besides has many quotation marks from Thomas Cole himself depicting what is go oning in the scenes. With the quotation marks from Thomas Cole it allows me to see in the head of him and what he meant when he painted the things in the picture.

“Explore Thomas Cole. ” Explore Thomas Cole. National Historic Site. 2010. Web. 30 Dec. 2012. . This site allows me to hold a full synergistic circuit of each picture. I am able to travel my pointer over certain countries in each picture and it gives me a closer expression at each of them and the significance behind them. The site besides allows me to compare the pictures to demo the differences in colourss and landscapes. Besides. it gives me a essay of each exposure from Thomas Cole to explicate his concluding behind the pictures and depict what is traveling on each. I can besides the procedure that Thomas Cole took when he painted each of the pictures.

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