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There are many ways that humans add value to their lives, but most people aren’t truly achieving their own happiness. Many people believe that they will become happy if they just get a better job and make more money to buy more things because these materialistic items only fill our insecurities. The gift of life itself adds value into our lives through the relationships we build and new experiences we encounter each day. Happiness can be characterized as that feeling that conquers a person when they realize life is great and they simply can’t help but smile.

In spite of the fact that the general meaning of joy will dependably continue, what drives someone to be cheerful, may vary significantly from that of someone else. It is quite obvious to state that everybody needs to carry on with a cheerful and important life; but, it is up to each person to appoint value to their very own life. As indicated by Maslow’s Basic Hierarchy of Needs, there are physiological needs, like senses, that everybody must fulfill so as to distance ourselves from unwanted results. Byond these guidelines, that assume a noteworthy job in persuading human behavior, there are other fundamental perspectives that increase ones value of life. A portion of these components incorporate human association, steadiness, security, and love.

The need of real human association is plainly spoken to through the motivating story of Chris McCandless. Into the Wild, a novel by Jon Krakauer, illustrates McCandless’ voyage looking for true happiness, and what he felt was absent from his life. Having surrendered the majority of his security, connections, and the jobs of society, McCandless carried on with his life in the manner in which that he decided for himself, heading out from place to place and encountering new experiences. Be that as it may, McCandless understood the significance of human relationships and the impact of the scarcity in that department, past the point of no return.

Krakauer gives understanding into the acknowledgment of McCandless’ absence of human association when he explains, ‘…he was ready to stop running so hard from intimacy, and become a member of the human community’ (Krakauer 189). This makes it unmistakable to see that McCandless came to the realization that he couldn’t be really happy for long without being apart of a body of people. As McCandless had a profound want for these experiences, and to be unified with nature, his fundamental needs ought to have been met with the less essential needs. That is the reason Chris McCandless at last never genuinely achieved his objective of satisfaction, since he came to the conclusion that there was more to life than what he previously thought was the most critical.

One of the most known approach to increase the value of life is by encircling yourself with love and friends. As Abraham Maslow explained, an acclaimed therapist, the sense for belongingness and love is the most basic need to fulfill after one’s natural, physiological, and wellbeing needs are met. An individual who carries on with their life lacking love, association, and the feeling of affection, will eventually battle to discover their own happiness or increase life’s amazing value. Shockingly, there is an unending measure of individuals who fall into a condition of profound misery because of the impact of broken connections.

One of Shakespeare’s most outstanding plays, Shakespeare’s ‘Villa, Prince of Denmark’, further acknowledges the fact that all people require love and affection. In this well known monologue, he energetically communicates the thought: ‘To be, or not to be – that is the inquiries:/Whether ’tis nobler in the brain to endure/The slings and bolts of incredible fortune/Or to take arms against an ocean of inconveniences’ (Hamlet 3.4.1-4). Clearly, Hamlet is in colossal agony and is questioning his life over suicide. This is the consequence of the sentimental feeling of betrayal, exerted by the ones he adored the most. Hamlets unfortunate relationship with his mom is quite similar to the torment he has persisted in his life, like that of Chris McCandless and his dad. Only if Hamlet had been exposed to a flawless life, he would not have these questions that stick in his head along his life.

The feeling of security can be characterized as the condition of being free from risk or danger, and it’s truly something that we all seek. This feeling that all is well with the world was stripped away from two siblings when they chose to put their regular daily existences on hold and place themselves in the shoes of other individuals, the homeless of New York City. In the video, ‘The Human Experience’, coordinated by Charles Kinnane, pursues the narrative of siblings Clifford and Jeffrey Azize as they travel, in search for answers to the inquiry, ‘I’m not catching it’s meaning to be human?’.

Through this experience, these brave siblings picked up a clearer image on how the world functions, ‘I look at those memories. I look at those moments. Everyone loves differently. When you go somewhere out of your own comfort zone, out of your own realm, and you enter someone else’s, that’s learning’ (Kinnane). Without settling on the choice to see the world in an unexpected way, these siblings would not have been as grateful for what they have. Additionally, they had the ability to pick up the information of compassion and sensitivity, two characteristics that will in general enhance the outlook on one’s individual character, and increase the value of life. Through this, they had the ability to see the incentive in affliction.

As a result, the gift of life plays a much larger role than just money and materialistic items. The relationships and experiences we encounter each day makes it clear to us what the value of life is. In order to add value to your life, you need to achieve your very own happiness in order to value the little things life gifts us with. “The core of a mans spirit comes from new experiences”. Today we believe that the joy of life comes exclusively from human relationships but truly that is not the case. Everywhere we look we can see happiness in everything that’s been placed around us, it’s in anything we can experience. People just need to change their perspectives on how they look at life, and when they do, they will forever value life.

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