Beauty Contest Should Be Abolished

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While some argue for the cancellation of beauty contests, I personally disagree with this notion. Despite the negative aspects associated with them, I believe that beauty contests should not be abolished entirely. These competitions not only entertain people but also contribute to the economy and provide role models for others to inspire them in their own lives and work. Additionally, beauty contests consistently attract large audiences.

This text illustrates the widespread appeal of shows featuring attractive, charming, elegant, and intelligent girls. When I was young, my family and I particularly looked forward to the finale of the Vietnam beauty contests. On that day, my friends would come over to my house, where we would share candies and gaze at the TV screen, enthusiastically cheering for our preferred competitors. It was a delightful occasion, with some of us even attempting to emulate the walking style and responses of our favorite contestants.

Currently, it is rare to derive pleasure from watching these shows due to their emphasis on scandals and physical appearance rather than inner beauty. However, certain beauty contests are held with standards that align with traditional values. The winners of national beauty pageants are expected to embody both physical attractiveness and inner beauty. Furthermore, when they participate in international events, they become the ambassadors for the beauty and intelligence of their respective countries.

Despite the common belief that beauty contestants lack genuine beauty and warmth, winning contestants often engage in charitable activities, such as caring for orphans and promoting world peace. These beauty contests provide a platform to showcase their true character and demonstrate what they can do with their inherent talents. Furthermore, these contests offer not only social benefits but also economic advantages. Viewers pay to watch these shows, and television networks broadcast them. Many advertising campaigns choose these shows as a means to promote their products and enhance their company’s reputation.

Furthermore, beauty contests are frequently held in tourist spots, which allows host countries to promote their attractive destinations. Eliminating these beauty shows could have a detrimental impact on their economy. In summary, while there are shows that cater to viewers and diminish the importance of physical beauty, there are also fair pageants that strive to select the most stunning girls. These events not only contribute to the economic growth of the country but also attract millions of spectators. Hence, it is unnecessary to completely eliminate them.

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