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Beauty Contest Should Be Abolished

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Many girls have the same dream getting crowned in the beauty contests. However, some people claim that these contests should be cancelled. In my perspective, although there are some negative sides of these competition I object the idea of abolishing all of them since some not only entertain people, benefit the economy but also build up a model that encourage others to live and work like it. To begin with, beauty contest always attract a numerous of audiences.

This is easily understandable when everybody want to enjoy the shows with the pretty, charming, graceful and clever girls.

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Beauty Contest Should Be Abolished
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I remember when I was little, the final show of the Vietnam beauty contests was my family favorite. All of my friends came to my house, shared our candies and stared at the television screen cheering for our favor competitors. We had a great time and some of us even tried to imitate how our favorite contestants walked and answered the questions.

Nowadays, we hardly find the joys watching these shows because some of them attract people with scandals or focus too much on physical appearance but the inside beauty.

However, some beauty contest are organized with certain standards which base on the traditional values. The crowned girls in the national beauty contests are supposed to possess both physical and soul beauty. When stepping out to the international events, they are the representatives for the prettiness and intelligence of their nations.

The winner contestants join charity activities, care for the orphan and contribute to the world peace. Thus, not all of beauty contestants lack of pure beauty and warm heart. The beauty contests show us who they are and what they can do with their given gifts. In addition, they are not only the benign but the economic benefit shows. People pay money to watch it. Television network also broadcast these shows. Many advertising activities chose this show to promote product sold and reinforce the company reputation.

Besides, the contests are often organized in the tourist spots. This help the host countries to advertise their beautiful destinations. Abolishing the beauty shows could affect their economic in a negative way. In conclusion, beauty contests are not all useless. There are some shows trying to get viewers and lower the criteria in personal beauty, however, some fair pageants work their best to find the most beautiful girls, benefit country economic and always get millions of spectators watching them. Therefore, they should not be abolished all.

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Beauty Contest Should Be Abolished. (2016, Oct 12). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/beauty-contest-should-be-abolished/

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