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Death Penalty Should not be Abolished

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  • Pages 3
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    Death Penalty Should not be Abolished

    Capital punishment is not as immoral as how conservatives claim it to be. Heinous and amoral crimes have become undeniably rife in our materialistic and worldly society, and a punishment of death would only appear as a very significant and large sacrifice to take for granted before committing the most heinous and conscienceless acts. In assessing the morality of capital punishment, the society must also assess whether the lives lost and destroyed by such brutal crimes are less immoral for such kind of punishment. Thus, as conservatives wish for capital punishment’s abolishment, the continuous degradation of our society’s morality just gives people enough reason why it must be retained.

    In evaluating the real underlying principle of every fair society, it must be known that “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” shall always relate to equal rights (Cauthen). Alongside this statement comes the obligation of the members of the society to respect and honor other’s freedom to live a life in peace and order. However, the modern world opens doors to a lot of luxuries, materialism, and greed as the standard of living continues to ascend. More and more people are being conquered by such lavish, material possessions that abuse, harassment, and several crimes are ruthlessly committed just to go over other people and acquire unparalleled power and wealth. Lives, morality, and peace are being taken away everyday without the littlest piece of conscience as the heinous crimes are being committed. Such criminals never feel the struggle of each victim to fight for his or her life in the urge to fulfill an evil objective. The society nowadays is never blinded by these stories. The media has been able to expose how immorality tries to lead every greedy and selfish motive to heinous and conscienceless acts.

    Hence, having such brutal stories where innocent lives are taken, people must evaluate the objective of the capital punishment. Each person, whether good or bad, whether God-fearing or, values his or her life above every possession he or she may have. Having the intention of such a heavy and significant retribution posts how well and how deep the society values life and morality. The society values life and morality well enough that it has to create a substantial and just punishment to counter the pitiless acts of killings and brutal crimes that the worldly and greedy man is prone to commit. No one who values his or her own life would take capital punishment for granted. Thus, anyone who fears the brutal pains of death shall also fear taking one’s innocent breath away. It will still take a long journey before the society can think of a better substitute and compromise aside from capital punishment. However, as long as people fear death, they will also fear killing others as death awaits the act. Thus, there will be no reason why capital punishment must be deterred in a death-fearing society.

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