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Should Exams Be Abolished

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Harmonizing to a recent study of “Education Newspaper” . what cause pupils to be frightened the most is “exams” . Some pupils say that the tests should be abolished because they make pupils perfectly dying and nerve-racking. However. the exams play an of import function in school’s life and besides have many advantages. So I believe that the tests should non be abolished because of some grounds. The most of import ground is that tests are a method to analyze students’ degree and.

Depending on consequences of tests ; instructors can find how pupils get cognition. If Markss are from 7-10 that average pupils apprehend good the content of topics. instructors will give them some hard exercisings to assist pupils develop their creative activity. On the other manus. if Markss are below 7 that average pupils don’t understand clearly the topics.

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Should Exams Be Abolished
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In add-on. after making exams. pupils can cognize more about their cognition. Students will find what are weak points. where are the holes in their cognition.

From these. pupils review these parts in order non to perplex when make them subsequently Another ground is that tests make pupils to analyze harder. Some fast or mini tests will coerce pupils to go to the categories often. Some instructors don’t want to remind when pupils have mini tests. Any clip instructors see some interesting exercisings. instructors will gives pupils do those which are like mini trials. If pupils don’t attend category those yearss. they will lose one or two column Markss. which make their mid-term consequences low It’s true that tests make pupils nerve-racking and dying. Some pupils say that when exams come near. they have to jam a batch of lesson in short clip. which make them fumes.

That is the ground why pupils wish tests would be abolished. However. these force per unit areas aren’t caused by tests but pupils. During the perusal. pupils should take observe the chief points of each topic and reappraisal after categories. And when they have exams. they merely read once more but can retrieve the of import information. They no longer experience nerve-racking in order to jam the lessons. Furthermore. if there are no the tests. how can pupils analyze their degrees? They study more and more. but they don’t cognize what the finishs are and how many per centums they apprehend the cognition after analyzing. As the consequence. they feel obscure and world-weary. In the terminal. students’ analyzing will non be effectual if there are no test. Although they make pupils perfectly dying. they shouldn’t be abolished.

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