Benjamin Franklin- The way to wealths

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Benjamin Franklin possessed the knowledge of achieving wealth and reaching the pinnacle of success. By displaying qualities such as industriousness, perseverance, and a positive mindset, he managed to amass a great fortune in the early days of America. His life serves as an embodiment of the inception of work ethics in the United States, demonstrating how early Protestant sects laid the groundwork for our contemporary approach to accomplishing work-related duties.

Franklin possessed various roles beyond wealth, such as being a Founding Father, statesman, diplomat, teacher, and inventor. These labels solidify his path to riches. One of the renowned works he published before the Revolution was Poor Richard’s Almanac. In this almanac, Franklin included numerous popular sayings that earned him a respectable reputation. The Way to Wealth, which was included in the last edition of the almanac in 1758, remains a significant piece of American literature today. The concept of work ethic originated during the classical period and established a foundation for ethical practices during Franklin’s time and even in contemporary society. It all began with the notion that humanity was tasked with working and taking care of the Garden of Eden. However, sin disrupted this arrangement, resulting in man’s expulsion from the garden.

Since ancient times, the human race has faced the arduous task of working hard in order to survive. The Hebrew belief system perceives work as a form of retribution from God specifically designed to punish Adam and Eve for their disobedience and ingratitude (Rose 28). Throughout history, work has been recognized as a means to fulfill material needs and desires. Although the concept of work ethic has undergone changes over the centuries, the fundamental reality remains that work is essential and the acquisition of wealth is both desired and attainable. It is from this foundation that Franklin developed a work ethic for Americans. The founders of the United States, including the New England Puritans and Pennsylvania Quakers, played a significant role in shaping the work ethic in America…

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