Benjamin Franklin…A Misogynist?

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You asked us to read “Old Mistresses Apologue” to see how Benjamin Franklin begins as a solemn friend and advisor to a immature adult male but shortly reveals himself as a hedonic satyr. so after reading you asked if we see any marks of a woman hater in Benjamin Franklin’s missive. To get down I looked up the word woman hater to acquire a better apprehension of what it meant. Harmonizing to Webster’s Dictionary. woman hater means a hate of or ill will toward adult females. a adult females hater. After reading Benjamin Franklin’s missive. it was difficult to see Mr. Franklin as a adult females hater. I find him being finicky about his adult females preferring older to younger adult females being about prejudiced towards younger adult females in general. but non really a adult females hater. If anything. he has good things to state approximately adult females as a whole.

In the really first paragraph of his missive. Benjamin Franklin says great things of adult females in the province of brotherhood with a adult male. First. he states that “It is the Man and Woman united that make the compleat human Being. ” [ sic ] Those are powerful word to state if you are a adult females hater. He besides states in the same paragraph that adult male would be of less value if they were non married and they are uncomplete without their better half. Hence his words. “A individual Man has non about the Value he would hold in that State of Union. He is an uncomplete Animal. He resembles that uneven Half of a Pair of Scissars. ” [ sic ]

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Get downing after the first paragraph Benjamin Franklin begins saying progressively how he would prefer an older adult female to a younger one stating ; “you should prefer old Women to immature 1s. ” [ sic ] Then he proceeds to explicate why he believes this theory with eight different grounds.

The really first point. Franklin explains that older adult females are better because they are smarter. more experient and can keep a conversation that is more interesting than that of a younger adult females.

In his 2nd point. he explains how when adult females get older they can make more for you and take better attention of you. He even states that “there is barely a thing as an old adult female who is non a good Woman. ” [ sic ] Therefore. if Benjamin Franklin was a woman hater I barely think he would hold stated that adult females were even good in any right.

Benjamin Franklin’s 4th point explains how aged adult females are less likely to roll and if they did it would be more recognized by an older adult female than a younger one. Since older adult females are so willing to take attention of younger adult male and aid to determine his values and manners. This can be seen best in this line. “Because thro’ more Experience. they are more prudent and discreet in carry oning an Intrigue to forestall Suspicion. ” [ sic ]

Now in Benjamin Franklin’s fifth point I see him stating something that can be seen as misogynist remark. “and sing merely what is below the Girdle. it is impossible of two Womans to cognize and old from a immature one. And as in the dark all Cats are grey. ” [ sic ] That remark to me can be taken as an abuse to adult females. I don’t believe that everything below the “girdle” or waist is what makes all adult females immature and old alike. but I do see Franklin’s point.

Now in conclusion. my favourite remark had to hold been in his 8th point when he states that older adult females are better to get married than immature 1s because. “They are so thankful! ! ” That remark in it self should be an indicant that Benjamin Franklin was non a woman hater. he may hold said one or two things that can be taken that manner. Nevertheless. Franklin seems to wish adult females in general he decidedly had more nice things to state about adult females than anything else. about as though he couldn’t be without a adult female.

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