Billy Elliot Persuasive speech Essay

Billy Elliot persuasive speech

Dad, lastly my desire for dancing has been increasing and the only reason that is hindering me from doing what I really love is you and Tony. I know I’m not just a normal boy as everyone else who plays football or does boxing, but I am not like everyone else because what differences me from them is that I have a dream I want to follow, I have an objective in my life, I want to dance.

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Billy Elliot Persuasive speech
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I know what you think about me, the worst son you could ever had, a dishonor for the family, and maybe I am that, I am all of those things you think about me but that are your thoughts, yours and Tony thoughts, not mom’s, not grandma’s! If mom would be a live she would be supporting me on this, but well, she is not here so now it’s only me trying to make you two to support me on this, trying to convince you to let me do what I most love in life, ballet.

Maybe I am too young or too inferior compared to you two to tell you this but I think the moment to become a man has come and it is now that I will tell you all of those things that I have been keeping to myself. You dad, you are a miner and although you never told it to me, I know this wasn’t your dream and I know that you will prefer doing everything but mining, so I’m begging you please not to make your future become my future. Give me an opportunity to change this sort of family tradition. Give me an opportunity to be something else, something that I would enjoy to be, not something that I would be forced to do and later be regretted of the choice I took. When I dance I feel as all the pain, all the suffering comes to an end, I feel disconnected from everything. When I dance it is the only moment in my whole day that I feel I’m doing something useful, something that could bring me a future sometime. And if all this feelings are going to be thrown away just because money isn’t enough please just tell me, because I can assure you that money will just not be a problem.

Think about it, ballet could be the way out of this entire crisis. If I practice more I would get better at it and if I get better at it, and I am good enough at it, more professionals would come begging to me to make me famous. These are just thoughts but what if all of this happens. What if this is, really, the future waiting for us? Our lives will improve, they nwill get better! Imagine, “The Elliot family, that unique family anyone would love to be part of it” Dad, I really don’t know why you changed so much. Before mom died, you where that perfect and ideal dad every boy would have loved to have as a father, but now dad, now you are that type of dad that relays all his pain and all his suffering on his youngest son. Why?! Mom was a great mom and wife, I and you, we all know this is true. She brought peace to our home and now she is gone and lamentably, we can’t bring her back and we will have to live with that. But that peace that mom used to bring, that peace has to come back. I’m not asking you to be someone you aren’t anymore; I’m asking you to let me do, just for ones, what I want to do. I’m asking you to support me and lean on my shoulder to deal with all of this.

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