Success attained in the cloning of humans

Biology Study Guide Which one of the following statements is false? Selected Answer: a. Factors that alter DNA and make cells cancerous are called carcinogens. Which one of the following is false? Selected Answer: b. DNA packing tends to promote gene expression. Silencers are sites in DNA that Selected Answer: c. Bind represses proteins to inhibit the start of transcription. Proteins that bind to DNA and turn on person by making it easier for RNA polymerase to bind to a promoter are called Selected Answer: d. Activators. Which of the following best expresses the degree of success that has been attained in the cloning of humans?

Selected Answer: d. A cloned human embryo developed to the blastoffs stage. Selected Answer: d. A mutation in a tumor-suppressor gene can stop cell division immediately. Which of the following permits a single gene to code for more than one polypeptide? Selected Answer: b. Alternative RNA splicing Which of these mechanisms of controlling gene expression occurs outside of the nucleus? Selected Answer: e. Translation RNA splicing involves the Selected Answer: c. Removal of intros from the molecule. The expression tot the thyrotrophic Oberon is controlled by Selected Answer: c. Oppressor that is active when it binds to thyrotrophic. Selected Answer: a. Factors that alter DNA and make cells cancerous are called carcinogens. The disease phenolphthalein (PA) is caused by a recessive allele, and one child in 10,000 is born with the disease. Let q represent the frequency of the PKZIP allele. What is the value of q? (Fetus with PA are no likelier than other fetus to die before birth. ) Selected Answer: c. 0. 0001 Which of the following is a false concept? Selected Answer: a. Organisms develop a characteristic when they need to Darning’s ship was the: Selected Answer: a. HAMS Beagle

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Large antlers in male elk, which are used for battles between males, are a good example of Selected Answer: a. Intracellular selection. Darwin found that Galapagos animals resembled species of the South American mainland Selected Answer: b. More than they resembled animals on similar but distant islands. Broccoli and cabbages are both descended from the same wild mustard and can still interbreed. The existence of these two vegetables is an example of Selected Answer: b. Artificial selection. The degree of adaptation that can occur in a population is limited by Selected Answer: d. The amount and kind of genetic variation in a population.

What was Darning’s Job on board the Beagle? Selected Answer: b. Ship’s naturalist Aristotle believed who Selected Answer: CNN tot the tolling? . Species are fixed (permanent) and do not evolve Which of the following assumptions was not part of Darning’s theory of natural selection? Selected Answer: a. Traits are inherited as discrete particles. Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates two species that occasionally mate but in whom the sperm do not produce the right enzymes to enter the egg? Selected Answer: e. Gametes isolation A mountain range divides a freshwater snail species into two isolated populations.

Erosion eventually lowers the range and brings the two populations together again, but when they mate, the resulting hybrids all produce sterile young. This scenario is an example of Selected Answer: b. Allophonic speciation. Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates a pair of insect species that could interbreed except that one mates on goldenrod flowers and the other on autumn daisies that blossom at the same time? Selected Answer: b. Habitat isolation Hybrids are most often Selected Answer: a. Sterile Which one of the following is an example of a hybrid that is both vigorous and trailer Selected Answer: d. Mule The retention in the adult of features that were Juvenile in its ancestors is a phenomenon known as Selected Answer: d. Pedophilia’s One tot our best tosses records is tot a. Modern human Speciation without geographic isolation is called Selected Answer: d. Symmetric speciation. Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates two flowering plant species that could interbreed except that one has a deep flower tube and is pollinated by bumblebees, whereas the other has a short, narrow flower tube and is pollinated by honeybees? Selected Answer: d. Chemical isolation Which one of the following statements about the Galapagos finches is false? Answer: c. The common ancestor of the Galapagos finches appears to have come from the island of Coco’s. Which of the following phenomena can be caused by continental drift? Selected Answer: e. All of the choices are correct. The three domains are: Selected Answer: b. Bacteria, arched, eukaryote One of the strongest lines of evidence of a meteor impact in the late Cretaceous is Selected Answer: d. A thin layer of iridium. The three-domain system Selected Answer: c. Subdivides the prokaryote into 2 different domains.

Structures that evolved from the same structure in an ancestor are Selected Answer: a. Homologous. How many periods of mass extinction have occurred in the last 600 million years? D. Six Geologists call the forces within Earth that cause movements of the crust Selected Answer: b. Plate tectonics. Plants and animals first became established on land during the Selected Answer: d. Paleozoic. Which of the following eras is often called the “Age of Reptiles”? Selected Answer: d. Mesozoic Potassium-40 can be used to date fossils that are up to approximately how old? Selected Answer: b. Several hundred million years

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