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DB’S Bank and Internet Banking

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Prevent internet banking system s hacked by hacker. Instance This system is utilized by DB’S bank. DB’S run internet banking system to let their users’ process banking activities conveniently and quickly. 2. External Description of the Information System Input * Software engineer open an internet banking system to perform banking activities via internet. * Users open an account and provide personal information to bank. Output * A secure and private platform on internet is provided to users for processing any banking activities. Instant update users account information when seers do any transactions or changing information.

* Users can enjoy the convenience without suffering in long queue at bank. * Bank general manager use to check how many users use internet banking. * Employees solve problem and give information to users thereby let users know more about internet banking system and how to use it effectively and efficiently. Information Processing * User uses a valid user ID and password to login particular account. After the valid user login successfully, a list of transaction and balance of amount will e shown to he or she has with the bank.

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DB’S Bank and Internet Banking
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* When users do any changes or transactions, internet banking system will update automatically. Information Stored * Every transaction done by the user will be stored in the user’s account. * When user do transaction, internet banking system will provide an online receipt for user keep it or as prove. * Account balances and some information is sent by bank.

System Boundary External (Outside) Components * Users * Employees * Software engineer Internal (Inside) Component * Information of users Software of internet banking system * Bank manager Bank general manager- Check the number of users and users’ banking activities. Users- provide self-information and do banking activities. Internet banking system 3. External View of the Information System Employees- Helping users’ problem of internet banking system. Information- Is given by users. Software engineer- Create internet banking system and measure the safety while users using internet banking system.

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DB’S Bank and Internet Banking. (2018, May 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/bis-assignment/

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