Blank Confessions by Pete Hautman

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Blank Confession by Pete Hautman is an engaging novel about a mysterious boy named Shayne who enrolls in a local high school and befriends a small fragile boy named Mikey. Mikey is constantly bullied by Jon Brande, his sister’s boyfriend. The story is told from the viewpoints of Mikey, Detective Rowls, and Shayne, which makes the storyline smooth and easy to follow. The characters are interesting, and the emotional attachment to them makes the book addictive. The book also switches perspectives between the characters, enabling the reader to see the story from different points of view. Overall, Blank Confession is an enjoyable read with a strong and descriptive story line that is easy to relate to.

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Blank Confession is a captivating book with intriguing characters and an enthralling storyline. The story centers around Shayne, a mysterious boy who moves to town and enrolls in the local high school. It is narrated seamlessly from three different perspectives, making it easy to follow. In my personal opinion, this is the best book I have ever read. One of the reasons why Blank Confessions is so captivating is its diverse range of characters that you become emotionally attached to as the story unfolds. This adds to the addictive nature of the narrative. As a newcomer in 6th grade, I could personally relate to Mikey’s feelings of loneliness and confusion in high school because like him, I was also small and underdeveloped with only a few friends. This initial connection with Mikey further engrossed me in Blank Confessions.

I identified with Mikey’s emotional pain as he ate lunch alone and went unnoticed in the hallways. Mikey and I share many similarities. Moreover, Marie, Mikey’s sister, reminded me of my own sister who always ends up with unsuitable male partners. Like Mikey, my sister also faced bullying from her previous boyfriends. The parallels between myself and Mikey, as well as my sister and Marie, made the book enjoyable to read because it depicted aspects of my own life.

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The emotional connection in Blank Confession is incredibly powerful, keeping readers engaged and wanting more. In addition, the book presents a captivating and skillfully crafted storyline that is simple to follow. It is narrated by multiple characters, making it an exceptional read. The chapters alternate, offering different perspectives on the unfolding of the story from Mikey’s, Detective Rowls’, and Shayne’s viewpoints.

When it comes to Jon’s activities at school, there are various people who share their perspectives on what he did and how it affected them. The transitions between these different viewpoints are seamless and captivating. In the book, both Mikey and Shayne provide their versions of an incident involving Trey, a football player who is also Jon’s friend. While Shayne portrays his move on Trey as leaving him in a state of shock, Mikey describes the same action as extremely unpredictable and astonishing.

The inclusion of this literature style alongside the already well-developed character attachment enables readers to experience contrasting perspectives of the story. Overall, Pete Hautman’s Blank Confessions is a highly enjoyable book that is a must-read for young adults seeking captivating and easily digestible literature. The emotional connection to the characters and the compelling, vivid storyline contribute to its status as one of the top books of the year. It is relatable and provides an entertaining read.

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