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Relate to Audience: I’m sure o all know someone or have personally experienced chronic pain or limitation at some point. Establish Credibility: That story was me several years ago, but when I heard the words “You are not broken”, I sought out the person responsible for that teaching. Reveal Topic: His name is Pete Goose. Preview Main Points: Today I would like to talk to you about Pete Goose’s life, his challenges, accomplishments, and how he impacts the world today. BODY: I. Pete Goose has overcome many obstacles to become the influence he is in the world today. A.

Pete first experienced pain when he was 22, after working in agriculture, laying varsity college football, and going through Marine combat training. 1. Pete incurred a severe hip injury in Vietnam during his service, but he would not settle for the idea that he would have to live with that limitation. He went through a long rehabilitation program and regained full active duty status. 2. This rehabilitation period is what birthed the ideas he has developed in his life’s work, The Goose Method. 8. Pete receives criticism from the world for his radical ideas. 1. The medical profession criticizes Pete for his lack of formal medical training. . Pete claims to have studied human anatomy for 38 years, and the speech used in his book is like that of a Physiologist, yet some people discount his entire theory because he has no formal degree. 3. Pete has a very strong rate of success among those who come to the clinics, or follow the DVD’s, or books. Many famous athletes swear by his teachings and claim that he is the reason they have been able to keep playing so long. Transition Statement: So now I would like to tell you about Pete Goose’s life work,’ The Goose Method. II. Pete Goose’s life’s work, The Goose Method has influenced thousands of lives around the world.

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A. It is estimated that 35 million Americans have some sort of chronic pain, and 2 out of 3 adults experience at least one major back pain incident. According to a recent statistic, over half of all medically treated injuries occurred during non-sport, leisure activities. B. The Goose Method’s three Or’s are the fundamental teachings. 1. We need to Re-discover the body’s design 2. We need to Restore Design Function and refuse to believe that pain and limitation comes from poor design, age, or genetics. 3. We need to return to whole body health by changing our mindset of how to be healthy and changing our physical stimulus.

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