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Fast Forward by Celeste O. Norfleet is a captivating book that explores the impact of death and other life-changing situations on the lives of teenagers. The book follows Kenisha, a teenage girl who struggles to cope with her mother’s sudden death and her father’s decision to move his mistress into their family home. Kenisha’s anger issues lead to her being expelled from her private school after she fights her ex-best friend. The book shows how different people express their emotions in different ways, and how teenagers need an outlet to come to terms with life-changing events. The book is entertaining and relatable, with well-developed characters that seem real. Overall, Fast Forward is an excellent read for coming-of-age teens and young adults.

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In “Fast Forward”, Celeste O. Norfleet shares with readers how death and other life-changing situations affect the lives of teens and how they respond to them. “Fast Forward” is a joy reading book. It takes you on a journey like no other book but I did have problems reading it. It was bad enough that Kenisha had to deal with her mother’s sudden death, but when her father moved his mistress into the house the family shared which included Kenisha’s two half brothers, it was enough to have her acting out in school, which she certainly did.

Kenisha’s anger issues spilled out in every aspect of her life until she ended up getting kicked out of the private school she attended since kindergarten. Kenisha was kicked out of school because she fought her ex best friend. That was the third time she did something reckless. The first time was for fighting some girl that stepped to her face. But her father begged for Kenisha to get a second chance. After all, her mother did die and this was her way of showing her feelings. Wait, you got expelled for what, fighting Chili? I heard she provoked it. ” Chili did say that Kenisha should’ve killed herself the way that her mother killed herself. In my opinion, I believe that Celeste O. Norfleet did achieve her purpose in writing this book. I learned that not everyone has a steady, well going life. My life isn’t as near perfect. I go through a lot of ups and downs with my family. The same way as Kenisha did. I also learned that people show their emotions in different ways.

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And that’s a point that Celeste made in the book. I loved the book. It was very entertaining and every time I put the book down, I couldn’t help but pick it right back up. This book has action, drama, and comedy. The best part about “Fast Forward” is that the characters seem so real. And when I read, it feels like I’m one of the characters. I could really relate myself to Kenisha, with all that I go through and all that she goes through. “I swear sometimes I think my life is a reality show and I just don’t know it.

The only things missing are commercial interruptions and that running thing at the bottom of the screen telling everybody about my mom, my dad and all my family drama. ” And sometimes, I do think of my life as being a T. V. show. But the only thing missing is the director yelling cut when its break time. I enjoyed reading Fast Forward because sometimes adults forget that children are affected by life-changing events and need an outlet to express them and come to terms with what has happened. I recommend this book to coming-of-age teens and young adults.

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