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Pay It Forward

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Shamaya Bost Mrs. Hauser Freshman Seminar 29 April 2013 Pay it forward: Character Analysis In the movie Pay It Forward, many characters can tell many life lessons. Today I am going to focus on the character Mr. Simonet and the many things they did to help and the things they had to endure in their lifetime. When Mr. Simonet was younger his mother and father were off and on. One day this made his father extremely angry and his father to his anger out on Eugene, Mr.

Simonet first name. His father covered him in gasoline and then lit a match in which he threw on Eugene.

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This caused him to get many burns all over his body. This life situation caused Mr. Simonet to not trust many people because he is scared to be hurt again. These life situations will continue to affect Mr. Simonet and they will always shape his life. Eugene is helped by Trevor, who gets him to date his mom.

His mom, Arlene, accepts Eugene for his self and his burns and scars that still remain from his father’s anger.

Eugene then paid it forward by helping Arlene after Trevor’s death. Mr. Simonet also helped by assigning the project in the first place. Mr. Simonet also helped me learn that you must give up your past if you want to move forward and change your life. Mr. Simonet always held onto the past and that hindered him from loving and trusting Arlene.

Others can learn the same as me. You must give up your past to move forward in your life and change what you need to change for the better. This film does not change my opinion on community service because I already feel big on community service like always have. I always felt that you should give back to others that do not have the same as you. Everyone deserves the right and ethical treatment.

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