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This book is about the adventure of a thirteen-year-old boy named Brian Robeson as he travels to visit his mechanical engineer father in the Canadian oil fields. He takes a single engine Cessna 406 bush plane to Canada. Before his departure, his mother gives him a hatchet, which he initially doesn’t want to carry. However, due to his mother’s persistence, he eventually agrees.

When the planes take off, Brian is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to test out the controls and pilot the aircraft. Initially scared, he eventually discovers delight in the experience of being a pilot. However, circumstances change when the pilot experiences a heart attack. Brian checks for vital signs by touching the pilot’s chest but finds no pulse or indications of breathing. Confronted with this situation, Brian assumes responsibility for taking command of the plane. Despite his fear, he does everything possible to smoothly land the aircraft. Sadly, it ultimately crashes into a lake, leaving Brian as the only survivor.

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Alone in the wilderness, he relies on a hatchet for survival. Overcoming various challenges is essential in this harsh environment. One particular challenge arises when he encounters a bear while gathering raspberries for food. To collect the berries, he cautiously watches the bear. Unfortunately, during his sleep, porcupines unexpectedly attack him with their quills, leaving him injured and in pain. The pain becomes overwhelming, and he cries out loudly. However, he soon realizes that crying will not solve his problems and chooses to approach them with a positive mindset. Additionally, he tries to rely on making fire for cooking.

Finally, he has learned how to use an axe to strike a stone and create sparks. He then uses birch bark to ignite the spark and start a fire. Additionally, despite the unpleasant taste, he must eat turtle eggs for sustenance. Furthermore, he discovers an abundance of fish in the river. However, catching them with bare hands proves difficult, so he crafts a fish spear and also constructs a bow and arrow for hunting birds. Ultimately, he determines to explore the wreckage of the plane in search of anything that might aid in his survival.

After numerous attempts, Brain utilizes logs to construct a raft. He skillfully rows the raft to the airplane where he discovers a pack. Inside the pack, he finds a variety of valuable items including a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cook sets, matches, first-aid kit, fishing kit, and an emergency transmitter. With determination, he switches on the transmitter and eventually catches the attention of a passing airplane. The aircraft successfully receives the signal and lands on the lake, resulting in Brain’s rescue. Following this incident, Brain develops into a thoughtful and intelligent young boy who appreciates nature.

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