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Twilight Book Report Sample

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Twilight is the first book of Stephenie Meyer’s book series of the same name. every bit good as Meyer’s introduction novel. It was published in October 2005. The narrative revolves around a adolescent human miss. Bella Swan and a lamia. Edward Cullen. who fall in love. despite both of them cognizing that their relationship could ensue in Edward killing Bella. In all honestness. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the book every bit much as I did. I’d heard of it a batch.

chiefly from female readers around my age. Bing a immense fan of phantasy or sci-fi filled swaggering action. I didn’t believe a romantic narrative set in to a semi-gothic lamia puting would appeal to me. particularly since the writer took the autonomy of practically re-defining the lamia race. So I was a spot surprised by how I rather literally couldn’t put the book down. The secret plan. if a spot slow at first.

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Twilight Book Report Sample
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was improbably capturing. and I found myself hankering to cognize what was traveling to go on following. Seventeen-year-old Bella Swan moves from Phoenix. Arizona. to a little town in Washington called Forks. to populate with her male parent.

On her first twenty-four hours in her new school. she takes an immediate involvement in the five Cullen siblings. Edward. Emmett. Rosalie. Jasper and Alice. all of them being adoptive boies and girls of the town’s physician. Carlisle Cullen. and his married woman Esme. However. Edward. sitting following to her in biological science category. seems to be repulsed by her. which troubles Bella who had hardly seen the male child earlier. After a few yearss of absence Edward returns. moving politely. if a spot aloofly around Bella. Their common attractive force. and finally love start germinating after Edward saves Bella from being run over by a auto. although he warns her non to go friends with him. She becomes more and more hypnotized with the unusual immature adult male. who clearly isn’t like the other adolescents. She manages to happen out that Edward is really a 108-year-old lamia. but in position of being scared off. Bella finds herself even more hypnotized of him–and the feeling is common. A immense portion of the book is dedicated for the development of the chief characters. and their relationship. In fact. the chief adversary. James. a lamia obsessed in runing Bella. doesn’t appear until the last 100 and 50 pages. or so. The first book has merely two chief characters. Bella and Edward. Bella is a instead diffident and ‘normal’ adolescent. who is really prone to accidents and is rather gawky.

Edward is described as improbably handsome on both human and lamia criterions. and this seems to distance him and his siblings from the remainder of the school. I found Bella easy to associate to. although subsequently on in the series her dependance on Edward gets instead raging. Edward. on the other manus. was in my sentiment excessively ‘perfect’ . excessively grandiloquent. boundary line opprobrious. and merely kick annoying. As I said earlier. I liked the book more than I thought I would. Twilight was a captivating. and sweet novel to read. It wasn’t one of my favourite books. and I wouldn’t name it a chef-d’oeuvre of literature. still. The linguistic communication was easy to read. which isn’t needfully a bad thing. particularly for readers who aren’t from English-speaking states.

However I found most of the minor characters unrealistic. since the reading of adolescents was really optimistic. I don’t believe the word ‘alcohol’ was mentioned one time in any signifier. and all of the parties were dances arranged by the school. I’m non stating that all adolescents are party loving drinkers. but even in little towns like Forks. there would hold been at least a few childs who’d autumn under this class. I’d urge this book to chiefly to female adolescents and immature grownups. since that is the age-group the series is originally meant to. Younger readers might be thrown off by the subject of out love. and older readers might non like the teenage-angst filled love affair and slightly simple composing manner.

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