Book Report of Sugar Glider

Carl Petersen: the man who behaves like he’s working for government Noel Hogan: a government agent Summary: It’s all started with a man called Peterson who said he is working for the government, persuaded Paul Caveman to change his flight plan buy stopping at Warning during the trip to Melbourne. Don Radcliff who is more than a friend for Paul, was turning back to Australia. He hadn’t been In there for a long time. Paul got Don to fly with him to Melbourne, but flight offer. Don met with his daughter and ex-wife at the airfield.

He also met with Patrick Favors who has been seeing Don’s ex-wife for months. Don and Paul gave some information to Judy about the plane, Sugar Glider which made her want to fly with it. Don, Judy and Paul arrived to Cowman’s. Don and Paul talked the relation between Sylvia and Don for a while. When Sylvia phoned Cowman’s to talk with her daughter, Sylvia learned that Don was going to fly again. Then, she got angry and Don and her had an argument on the phone. From then on, Don thought to himself, he didn’t want to leave his daughter as he did to his wife.

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Don asked Paul whether Judy can come with them to Melbourne with Sugar Glider. After these, they went to the airfield and took off. When they were about to land, they asked for permission to land but they couldn’t get it and the air controller said the to land sums away from there. Don was getting worried. Afterwards, Sugar Glider landed. They started to eat something while the materials they were going to take, were being loaded to Sugar Glider. Meanwhile, for some reason Don realized something was going wrong. After taking off, Sugar Glider started to fall.

The motor was thought to be broken down. They didn’t managed to lend the plane properly which is why the plane crashed. Soon, Don found out that at Warning, Jet fuel and uranium was put into the lane and Paul said they were tricked and the plane was forced to be crashed. After the plane had crashed, Paul died. Don told this situation to his daughter and they started to make plans for getting out of there. While they were climbing to a valley, they saw a helicopter and realized that it wasn’t come there for helping them because of the man with the gun.

That night Judy and Don set a camp fire and then slept. After they had woken up, with the suggestion of Judy they decided to ride bruises. Thanks to Judy, they managed to handle the bruises and hopefully they started to go somewhere they see smoke. Sylvia phoned her daughter, Caveman’s. Till that moment she didn’t know that Judy had gone with Don. After a few moment, Sylvia saw her daughter on the news on TV which later leads her to call the air rescue. While Don and Judy were riding the bruises, suddenly Don felt down and broken hour she saw windmills which are signs of people.

She rode on. She saw a farmhouse and met with the owner called John Buttock. Mr.. Buttock wanted to help her and took her in his house. Shortly after, a helicopter was seen. In this helicopter, there were three man but one man was familiar with Judy. The man who fuelled the Sugar Glider before it crashed. After a wheel, a man in helicopter came to house and talked with Judy. Judy realized that those men were not working for government. They put Judy and Buttock, locked up. Then they went out to find the Sugar Glider and uranium in it.

Meanwhile in a room which Judy and Buttock were locked, the worker young boy Joe who know Judy from Warning came up from the trapdoor under the carpet. At the otherwise, Don was lying down, feeling pain because of his broken leg. He saw a helicopter and understood that it wasn’t there for help and Don thought that he supposed to be sheltered. Then he went through the bushes. Back to the farmhouse Judy and the worker boy Joe made a plan which includes Judy to behave as if she was sick and she was going to waste the time of the men who were going to search for the Sugar Glider by showing them wrong places.

Thereby, Joe was going to find Judy father. Men pick Judy and took off with helicopter. They landed a few times because of Judy, showing them the wrong route. Later, Peterson realized they’re above the right place by looking Judy face expressions. So, Judy understood that it is unnecessary to confuse them and she decided to take them to the Sugar Glider. When they were nearby the plane Peterson said his man to take the equipment from Sugar Glider. Incidentally, in Canberra, Brenna and another man had an argument about the payment the uranium.

Peterson and his man lifted the uranium off from the plane and decided to blow the plane up. Meanwhile Joe the young worker boy appeared. Later Peterson boss was coming there with helicopter. This man was Patrick Favors. When they saw the Australian Air Force coming, Favors forced Judy to fly with him. Then Judy managed to jump out of the helicopter. Afterwards, one thing she was able to remember was her father… Joe and Judy headed to the farmhouse for healing Judy.

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