Swot for Gluten Free and Sugar Free Product

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Gluten free cereal

1. Strength The production requires low costs and we can follow engineering from other companies. A gluten-free diet is used to be the intervention for celiac disease. Peoples with celiac disease who eat gluten-free Kellogg’s cereal can be a alleviation of commanding the marks and symptoms and forestalling complication.

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2. Failing In some terrible instances. a gluten-free diet can non alleviate the disease that physicians might order medical specialties to back up the immune system. Furthermore. ‘the hazards involve non acquiring adequate vitamins. As Kellogg’s gluten-free cereal are non enriched by such foods. like fibre and Fe. people who follow this diet may hold lower degree of certain vitamins. Avoiding grains with rich vitamins may eat fewer of these merchandises. Besides. it can be unsafe non lodging to the gluten-free diet. If eat nutrient that cereal contains gluten by accident. it is possible to endure from unnatural hurting and diarrhoea. Even little sums of gluten can damage their intestines’ ( Mayo clinic staff. 2011 )

3. Opportunity Gluten-free diets have become a tendency late non merely for celiac diseases. Besides. ‘because gluten-free merchandises are non ever available. many gluten-sensitive patients don’t consume the recommended sum every twenty-four hours. Kellogg’s can supply the nutrient for them’ ( Mayo clinic staff. 2011 ) .

4. Menace There are already a few different trade names of gluten-free cereal available. The trade names are Lowan’s. Basco. Carman’s. Big oz organics. Bob’s Red. Brookfarm and Freedom nutrients. These companies can be a menace to kellogg’s that needs to be competitory to last in the healthy nutrient subdivision.

Sugar-free cereal

1. Strength Suger-free cereals are a perfect breakfast pick for people with diabetes disease. or low- carb or no-carb diet. or healthier consideration. The costs for bring forthing sugar-free cereal are low because the natural stuffs are easy accessible and easy to larn the engineering. We can utilize unreal sweetenings. This in return can cut down the money of Kellogg’s. We can develop assorted gustatory sensation and form for all life phases.

2. Weakness Artificial Sweeteners are Sugar free but non risk free. Many of the unreal sweetenings that are sold by the companies today contain potentially harmful chemicals which have long term effects. Aspartame causes concerns and megrims with regular ingestion over a period of clip and increase the depression. Sucralose causes thymus secretory organs to shrivel ( up to 40 % shrinking ) and expansion of liver and kidneys. As of now. Sucralose is deemed safe for ingestion by most of the experts. On the other manus. Aspartame with countless claims of side effects needs to be taken off markets until it is proven to be wholly safe ( Yadavar. 2012 ) . Artificial sweetenings don’t work as a weight loss technique and zero Calorie sugar substitutes addition weight addition ( Kienlen. 2008 ) .

3. Opportunity Harmonizing to a teaspoon usher to Australian breakfast cereals. Kellogg’s is among the highest sum of sugar and wellness nuts with some of the other entries in the worst 10.

4. Menaces There are bing and possible rivals in the market place. The trade names are Carman. Lowan. Uncle Tobys. sanatorium. Particular K. To be successful. Kellogg’s must cut down sugar to pull more consumers.

CSR Objectives Corporate societal duty is an indispensable portion of Kellogg. ‘The committedness is to enrich and please the universe with the nutrient and trade names for all ages of people. which is making the right thing for the community. We believe that the csr can heighten the image of the company. better the repute among stakeholders and hence do net incomes from it.

Kellogg’s seeks to concentrate on nutrition and physical fittingness through merchandise contribution for the hungry. every bit good as plans that educate households about nutrition that nurturing households so they can hold a healthy living’ ( Kelloggcompany. 2011 ) . The Kellogg is go oning to introduce a century subsequently. offering cereals that are low-cost. convenient to fix and eat. and tasty. It will besides cut down ingredients such as sugar that consumers want less of while increasing fibre. whole grains. vitamins and other foods ( Kelloggcompany. 2011 ) .

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