Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

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There are some people however that are like the first couple of mice. They look around and observe the things that are happening around them. They are able to take the situations as they are and make stable judgment calls on how to react to the daily changes. These people would be able to recognize the changes and most importantly be able to decide what to do in order to have a positive reaction to these changes. They would be able to start a business and most likely be able to be very successful.

When the market and demands start to shift they would be able to notice and make adjustments to their business in order to continue to be successful. This type of person would also have good work ethics that would always remain focused and concentrated on their business. They would not let outside events interfere with their business and always have a positive attitude. Another example that would relate to today’s world would be the housing market.

There are many people that are losing their homes due to foreclosures which would be the perfect opportunity for some people. With the housing market the way it is the prices are dropping all the time and are very low. This would provide the perfect opportunity for some first time homeowners to step up and buy a house. These people might be living in apartments and town homes but could potentially step up to a full house.

They would have to realize this opportunity and take a proactive approach to take full advantage of this opportunity. These people would most likely be moving out of their comfort zones with the thoughts of taking on such a large task or even risk. if the person could stay in a positive mind set they could possibly take full advantage of the available opportunities and better themselves greatly in life. Works Cited Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese? Dr. Spencer Johnson Daniel Hoskins March 15, 2010 BSAD 204 Mark Turner

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