I Am the Cheese Monologue

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I am confused. My name is Adam Farmer and also Paul Dolente. I witnessed my mother and father murdered which truly makes me the cheese. I’m scared every time I think about them. I don’t want to speak about them but I fear I must to conquer the feelings. I knew my mother didn’t have any friends and my father told me that we had no family. My mother spent most of her time in her room and would have a phone call every Thursday evening and it would last a very long time. I didn’t really know my parent’s very well. They were mysterious to me.

It was as if they were hiding yeses from me, if that makes any sense. They used to whisper about me in their bedroom, with the door shut. I heard what they were talking about and I realized that they had been lying to me about my identity. My father almost caught me listening in but luckily he didn’t because I panicked and ran away before he could open the door. (1 minute) I was too scared to confront my parent’s about what I heard them talking about. I thought about telling Amy, my girlfriend, about how weird my parent’s are but I was scared of what type of opinion she would make of my family.

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Amy is someone who doesn’t take life too seriously. I think that she is the opposite of me because she isn’t ever afraid and she doesn’t panic, unlike me. I hate people that try to act like they are really tough, luckily they are usually stupid. There were a group of bullies that tried to take my bike and my package away from me. They weren’t clever enough to figure out that I left my bike with the police and they chased me to the police station where I rested for a while because they wouldn’t dare come near me then.

Amoy’s mother and my mother are also different as my mum stays home all day and her mum spends most of her time outside her house. I am afraid of a thousand things, a million. Like it is to be claustrophobic and yet fear open spaces too. I panic when I try to call Amy from a telephone booth and every time I come across a dog it chases me. My father and I were walking through the woods a long time ago and there was a dog that tried to attack us. My father fended it off and as of that moment it was like we shared a secret. That was the first time I ever remember feeling close to y father.

On my trip to my father I rode my bike a long way with a package that was intended only for him, I’m not quite sure what I put in there but I know that I must deliver it. Bring, my psychiatrist, tried to help me remember things that I couldn’t or didn’t want to remember. He gave me medication which he told me was to cure my headache but I think it was for disorientating me and make me speak my thoughts, a type of truth serum. He asked me many questions of a man named Mr. Grey. Also known as #2222 or Thomson. He is as mysterious as his many names suggest.

Bring eloped me remember who Mr. grey is. He spoke with my father twice a month on Saturdays and was perhaps the man that gave us the fake identities. I know that it was he who killed my parent’s. He organized the car to be driven into us. I survived but sometimes I wish I didn’t. Grey was the one that put me in this hospital and Now that I am an orphan, I’m not sure where I’ll be living. I can’t live in the hospital for ever and I certainly don’t want to. I’m scared of what will happen to me now that I stand alone. I truly am the Cheese. I Am the Cheese Monologue By maximizing

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