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Today’s society doesn’t expression at how easy and iciness was the past and the people don’t have an involvement on how the life is any longer. Kerouac’s message throughout the verse form was to demo how doomed he was and how the people around him influenced his bad feelings about life. During the verse form we can truly see that he doesn’t cognize how to move on what is go oning in his life.

Throughout the verse form Kerouac shows a batch that he is lost in his life. as he states in all the lines of the stanza 2. “ I am hurt/I am scared/ I want to live/ I want to die/ I don’t know/ Where to turn/ In the void/ And when/To cut out. ” These lines indicate the defeat and uncertainties in his life. he doesn’t truly cognize what he wants and how to act in his life. he is ne’er certain if he should listen to himself because he doesn’t cognize if he is right or incorrect.

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Kerouac besides shows how much his faith has to make in his life as he describes. “ For me no church told me” ( Stanza 3 line 18 ) and “ I can’t take anymore/If I can’t hold/ My small behind/To me in my room/ Then it’s good pass. ” ( Stanza 4 lines 43 to 47 ) These quotation marks shows his beliefs in faiths. and in these lines he says that if he can’t halt from imbibing so his faiths. Buddhism or Christianity. will non be regard as he says “ good bye” .

Furthermore Kerouac writes about the sexual desires of a immature adult females as he says “Tight the lovely asses /Of the small girls /In love with sex/Showing themselves/In white undergarments/At elevated windows/Hoping for the Worst. ” ( Stanza 4 lines 36 to 42 ) These lines show how they are blowing their times and throwing their lives by making that because the lone thing that they get is the neglect of the other people.

During his verse form he besides talks about drugs “ Just stone” ( line 21 ) it shows his feeling from being high and how to get away from life with the drugs because he can believe better with it because he doesn’t need advice to steer his authorship when he is under the effects of drugs. Similarly he tells us about how he likes wind. “ We hear/ the saxophone/ O dead ruby. ” ( Stanza 3 lines 24 to 26 ) these lines relate to a Gallic vocal and to his passion for wind that he had during the remainder of his life and how he enjoys listening to it because it can assist him to concentrate and that’s besides why the verse form is called after a wind vocal. In his last lines we can still see that he is lost in his head and that whatever happens it will ever be like that. as he states “ Okay / Quit/ Mad/ Stop. ” ( Stanza 7 lines 70 to 73 ) This shows how defeated he is and how he doesn’t want to believe about this universe because there is excessively much jobs to believe about.

As a concluding point Kerouac’s verse form yet shows how his life goes and how he is lost. He needs wind. drugs and his faith to remain in this universe because without these things he thinks that he is lost. However. if he drinks he is non traveling to esteem his faith and if he can’t halt so he has no regard for it. Kerouac shows a batch his experiencing possibly to do the people understand that they have one life and they should bask it every bit much a they can because they will repent if they don’t do what their head says when he uses the imagination of shadows ( stanza 4 line 33 ) .

Even if life is difficult we have things that can assist us to demo other that we are disappointed from our life as he does with authorship and that material things doesn’t make us happier because they can neglect at any clip. Today’s society don’t think about how iciness was the yesteryear in our yearss they merely work and have no involvement for other of import things.

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