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The two narratives that will be examined in this essay are two that may non look to hold a great trade in common. but once we look deeper in to the narratives it becomes clear that they are similar but still have their ain individualities. happening strong differences and similarities is the end of this paper. These narratives are “ Cathedral “ which was written by Raymond Carver in 19 80 three. and “ Sonny’s Blues “ which was written by James Baldwin in 19 50 seven. Both authors Baldwin and Carver were American authors and poets that were celebrated for there narratives crossing across three decennaries.

Get downing with “ Cathedral “ it deals with three people. a married woman and her blind friend Robert who is sing. and the hubby who is the storyteller. The storyteller is really uncomfortable with the fact that Robert is blind. he sees him as lupus erythematosus of a individual besides he is a small covetous of the intimacy Robert has with his married woman that he himself is missing. In a scene in which all three characters are speaking the storyteller says “ My married woman eventually took her eyes of the blind adult male and looked at me. I had the feeling she didn’t like what she saw. “ ( 103 ) . The narrative nevertheless revolves around a individual eventide in which the storyteller and Robert form a friendly relationship that seemed improbable. “ Sonny’s Blues “ The narrative opens up with the storyteller larning that his brother Sonny has been thrown in gaol for selling drugs. Once Sonny as served his sentence his brother picks him up from the prison and brings him back to his place until Sonny can acquire back on his pess. Sonny ventures out on his ain and finds peace in music and the storyteller and Sonny learn to esteem each other and love each other one time once more. Both narratives trade with get the better ofing boundaries. accepting people for who they are. and salvaging of import relationships.

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Something that is about indistinguishable in these narratives is how in the beginning both storytellers have problem speaking to the other supporter. When Robert from “ Cathedral “ foremost comes to the house the storyteller is really uncomfortable and struggles to happen something that he can speak to Robert about. fortunately for him his married woman does most of the speaking at least early in the narrative. “ for the most portion. I merely listened. Now and so I joined in “ ( 104 ) . In “ Sonny’s Blues “ when the storyteller picks up Sonny from prison. he besides has trouble pass oning with the other supporter. “ We had a batch to state to each other. far excessively much to cognize how to get down ” ( 267 ) . Lapp with this storyteller. his married woman was able to make most of the speaking “ She chatted as though there were no topic which had to be avoided and got Sonny past his first. swoon stiffness ” ( 268 ) .

This ulterior continues in both narratives. in “ Cathedral “ the narrator’s married woman who has done about all of the speaking with Robert. leaves the room for a short piece and when she comes back she shortly falls asleep. go forthing the storyteller entirely with Robert. “ I wished she’d come back down steps. I didn’t want to be left entirely with a unsighted adult male “ ( 105 ) . “ Sonny’s Blues “ has a similar state of affairs in which the storyteller is entirely at place and Sonny enters the house and attempts to get down up a conversation with his brother the storyteller. The storyteller is still diffident what to state to Sonny and alternatively merely listens to him merely talking when necessary. “ And something told me that I should control my lingua. that Sonny was making his best to speak. that I should listen. ” ( 277 ) .

Both narratives start with the storytellers being really uncomfortable with their fellow supporters nevertheless they slowly are able to be with their invitees without experiencing the huge force per unit area. At the terminal of “ Cathedral “ Robert and the storyteller are watching a T. V plan speaking about cathedrals and Robert asks the storyteller to depict it to him. The storyteller struggles to verbally depict the edifice so Robert has him pull it while he places his manus on the narrator’s while he draws. the T. V plan terminals and the station is off the air but the storyteller does non care. he is basking himself and is immersed in what he is making with Robert ” I couldn’t stop. “ ( 109 ) . The married woman even wakes up and implore to cognize what they are making but neither of them care much and go on with the experience they are holding together.

In “ Sonny’s Blues “ the storyteller and Sonny go to a nine where Sonny will be playing with his set. the storyteller is still somewhat uncomfortable with Sonny but one time he hears Sonny playing and sees all of Sonny’s friends garnering around him and loving him. he realizes that Sonny is his ain adult male. The problem the storyteller had with Sonny is that even though he and Sonny are both grownups now he still feels the demand to state him what he needs to make. But one time he sees that Sonny is happy and in a good state of affairs that Sonny attained all by himself. the storyteller eventually realizes that he no longer needs to maintain his promise to their female parent to look out for him. One obvious difference is that Sonny and the storyteller in “ Sonny’s Blues “ are brothers and when their female parent died she asked the storyteller to look out for Sonny. he tried but had a difficult clip ever being at that place for him. Robert and the “ Cathedral “ storyteller have merely met and are merely together through a 3rd party. the narrator’s married woman. However both narratives advancement in a similar manner. they both are unsmooth at the start and conversation is difficult for both storytellers. they both besides have a 3rd individual that can speak to Robert and Sonny. in their married womans. But subsequently in the narratives the married womans are non at that place to assist with the tenseness the storytellers are experiencing.

Some could state that the significance behind both these narratives is that one must accept people for who they are. and non to judge a book by its screen. But there could be many significances. significances that would necessitate a even deeper expression into these narratives. possibly with these narratives what you put into them is what you’ll acquire out of them.

Plants CitedJan Zlotnik Schmidt. L. C. ( 2013 ) . Protable Legacies. Second Edition. Boston MA: Michael Rosenberg.

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