The Fixed Mentality and the Growing Mentality

Carol S. Dweck wrote an article speaking about transforming student’s motive to larn. In the article. he states that there are two types of mentalities ; the fixed mentality and the growing mentality. Dweck describes the fixed mentality as pupils who worry about how much the intelligence they posse is fixed. whereas pupils believe that the growing mentality is possible intelligence that can be learned. He explains that facing challenges. gaining from errors. and covering with reverses is a manner of going smarter. Dweck negotiations about how in the 1990s parents and schools felt that the most of import thing or pupils was self-esteem.

They felt that if pupils felt good about themselves so they would be good and successful in life. Dweck besides talks about pupils being praised for their intelligence vs. being praised for their attempt. At the terminal of the article. Carlos discourse how our society worships endowment and how our endowment is portrayed as a gift. He explains how worshiping endowment was non actuating to our pupils.

After reading this article. I’ve learned that it’s better to hold a growing mentality because the more I challenge myself to turn with intelligence the more opportunities I will hold of going successful. I ever knew that it was of import to larn and ne’er give up but I ne’er took it serious. I now see the importance of ne’er giving up. I feel like now I can actuate myself to maintain traveling no affair how tough things get and to ever accept in any challenge in my categories because that’s the lone manner I can truly heighten my intelligence. Besides after reading this article. I see the importance of being praised for my difficult work and attempt instead than my endowments.

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