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Essays about Infection

STD Bacterial Infection of Chlamydia

Today, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) , are among the most common causes of illness in the United States. People in their teens and twenties are most affected by STD¹s, with over 6 million new cases each year, and adults between the ages of 13 and 19 are at the most risk for infection. Chlamydia is …

Sexually Transmitted Infection

AWARENESS ON RISK FACTORS OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTION AND SEXUAL RISK BEHAVIORS AMONG STUDENTS OF CAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY An undergraduate thesis presented to the faculty of the College of Nursing, Cavite State University, Indang Cavite, in partial fulfillment of the requirements in research. Prepared with the supervision of Mrs. Nenita B. Panaligan, RN, MAN. Introduction …

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Deterioration in the Quality of Disinfection During Cooking

In today’s food preparation world waterborne pathogens are becoming a real threat. Why? Simply because in today’s culture people are quick to blame the food industry for most cases of disintary or other ill effects caused by bacteria. In this paper several things will be discussed. To understand what I’m trying to say, you must …

The infection of malaria

Asia, and the Mediterranean have a higher percentage of people with one abnormal hemoglobin allele, compared to in other parts of the world where most people have two normal hemoglobin alleles. It’s been found that people with two abnormal hemoglobin alleles carry a disease called sickle cell anemia; this disease is known to be circumstantially …

Sterilization and Disinfection in a Dental Office

There are two important things to do in a dental office in order to prevent cross infection. These two forms are sterilization and disinfection. According to the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration before either of these forms can be used you have to clean the instruments. This can be done either by hand …

Limiting the Spread of Infection

Limit the Spread of Infection Influenza________________________________ What is influenza? Influenza is known as the grippe. It can be caught all twelvemonth unit of ammunition but largely caught in winter. Symptoms include? -High temp 38c and higher -Tired or weak -Headache and general strivings -Dry chesty cough Method and transmittal of infection Influenza viruses are by …

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