Bullying Awareness

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Awareness Bullying Is becoming a main problem today In many schools. Bullying does not only have an effect a student, but also on the whole school. Schools should be required to have a bullying awareness program. This would help bullies understand how their actions can affect others and offer guidance on becoming a better person. Providing anti-bully programs would help schools put a stop to bullying and all the effects of it, such as depression, lower grades, and even suicide. There are different types of bullying.

There can be verbal harassment, which includes teasing, name calling, or threatening to hurt someone. Another type of bullying can be social bullying. This involves someone hurting someone else’s feelings or relationships with friends or their reputation at school. This can be when a person leaves someone out of a group on purpose or telling other people not to be friends with somebody. A large part of social bullying In high schools Is mostly from spreading rumors. It can also be bullying someone about their sexuality. The last type of bullying is the physical kind. This includes hitting, kicking, or pushing.

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Often mimes, physical bullying can be making rude hand gestures or breaking someone’s personal things. It does not matter what type of bullying occurs; it is still a very bad thing to do because of the effects of it. Bullying mainly has negative effects, some being benign or some being major. Children who are being bullied are likely to first experience depression. This can be an increase of sadness and loneliness, or the feeling of having no friends. It can often lead to changes in sleep or eating problems and also, loss of interest in things they used to enjoy. Another effect of a child being bullied Is that they do not want to tend school.

They often Like to miss or skip school so that they won’t get bullied, which can lead to eventually dropping out of school completely. Not only does the student being bullied have problems, but so does the person who does the bullying. A bully can be engaged in violent behaviors, including alcohol or drug abuse, vandalizing, or have criminal convictions. Teen-eager who are bullied are often at a risk for suicide. Because bullying often leads to depression, depression sometimes can lead to suicidal thoughts. To be more personal, there was a girl at my high school that was being bullied for her sexuality.

It became so bad that one day, she decided to take her life. It not only affected her family, but it affected the entire school. People just don’t understand that taunting someone can eventually be fatal and instead of just hurting that one person, it can hurt an entire community. Now that you have read all about bullying and Its effects, It would be a good assumption for schools to have an anta-bully program. It would help so many people. People who are being bullied would be helped with their depression. Even the bully would be helped with how their actions affect everyone else. All in all, a bully how it can be prevented.

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