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Bullying’s Impact on the Recipient of the Treatment  

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    Bullying is the act of the person getting the treatment in which the person who tries to bully on the other person is actually torturous. This is actually targeted to make a person feel inferior and down. This is mostly because when the bullies find and figure out a target that is weaker in the audience than the other ones, than they try to impose that they are distinct and are weirdly different from the others or directly from them within the society. This has become a reason to kind of give humanly unbearable torture that will cause the individual who is receiving the treatment is badly impacted by the causes of the bulking. This is so extreme that it takes the face of ruining the career and the lives of those who are directly attaining the bad behaviors and the treatment.

    The worst case scenario is that in the United States of America, the impact of bullying has taken over the world’s current rate of crime. The criminal activities also now number bullying as one of the highlighted crimes that are usually common in high schools and colleges. This creates those who are the targets of the bullying to feel limited and also feel left out within the society. This not only demoralizes those who are targeted. Moreover, the people who usually are bullied and are a target of the constant bullying, it leads to the inferiority complex amongst those who are the targets of the bullying. Moreover , it can also be seen that the in the most professional environment the ones who are bullied are left behind . This is not because the people who take interviews identify the consequences of being bullied, but those who are bullied actually feel low and inferior themselves. This cause them to never participate and be a part of the normal community events and activities.

    This has caused them to either fail in their career live and the professional lives. This failure has made them not start their families and sometimes face the the consequences of falling into the depression which will be faced by the individuals and the people who are facing the depression. This depression has become the reason of many people committing suicide and also leading to the extremely poisonous lifestyles where they get involved in the corrupted crime scenes of either stealing and then committing crimes that are regularly causing the people to either get involved in the gun violence and the corruption of the people who get involved in the black economy.

    There is only one way of getting rid of the bullying by either raising the voice against those who commit these silent killer games or by putting striking to take actions without the fear of the bullies . Moreover there should be authorities and the societies who should make sure to limit the corruption of the bullying.

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