Diplomatic Negotiation: Kuwaiti

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Centralization is giggly noticed in Kuwait; it’s all about top management, individual and small employee’s efforts are not appreciated and there’s a gap in the salary scales between them. Society leaders and organization managers are taking more privileges and incentives compared to ordinary people. Negotiation is not acceptable especially if the owner and the director is Kuwaiti and monitoring the work flow day by day and occupying a managerial position in the company which is opposite to Germany where productivity is a key term and equality is a dominant principle.

You have also to pay attention to whatever the manager is asking you to do, you have to listen carefully and do the recommended task without any negotiation. You will also notice desalination practices such as “hire and fire” which are not practiced in Germany due to the conservative outlook of the management. Job descriptions and tasks are highlighted and mentioned in the contract but you might see an employer asking you to do a task which is not mentioned in the contract, due to the power distance locals tend to convey the task without objecting.

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Uncertainty avoidance: You should note that the management will have a hard time engaging a new equines line or to invest in something new due to the fear of losing or not being able to commit to the investment. Sticking to the rules is a mandate for the employees, organization does not persuade expansion through innovations and new ideas and they keep them working under stress due to the nervousness they have fearing unknown risk, this is familiar to Germany as you apply the same concept you should only encourage expertise to develop and improve the workflow by long strategic planning.

Individualism: Kuwait is considered as a collectivist country with a low individualism level. You should look to the company as a home consisting of family members where relationships are perceived as a principle and it overcomes duties. Some firms have a group of families dominating the place and managing everything. So you have to maintain good terms and relations with your colleagues so that they won’t see you as a stranger.

Don’t feel strange if a colleague from another department asked you to share information with him as they are more into the company’s. It is worth mentioning that Kuwaiti does not recognize their places in society and would instantly enforce themselves into positions where they do not demonstrate the sufficient knowledge. They would improve their situations by claiming and figuring out ways on how to do the Jobs through the “can do” attitude.

Masculinity: Kuwaiti culture is considered as low masculine one, it’s known to be more feminine. In a work place it’s most likely to find a manager involving his employee’s to take decisions along with stressing on team spirit and close friendships within the company. You will fit in the atmosphere and find it cozy as they respect women and their rule in the society. Long -Term Orientation: Kuwait has a low long-term orientation as people tend to indulge themselves and go for their desires and acquire it regardless of the costs.

They highly respect traditions and responsibilities undertaking the value or the expenses even if they have a small budget and they are always expecting immediate results as they have a low patience. Because of being short term oriented they will not save and enjoy their life later, unlike Germany; where you represent a long term commitment society, Kuwaiti tend to show off their wealth unlike Germans who hide becoming wealthy and rich due to oddest and dignity.

As an example you might save to have a retirement account while in Kuwait they will keep spending cash and rely on the credit card. You have also to note that they are not as patient as you are when it comes to results and outcomes. But it is common in Germany and Kuwait to provide securities for their employees and expects back loyalty from them in the long run. When it comes to task orientation you might feel that you are more task oriented and you will emphasize on quality work unlike Kuwaiti as they seek instant results even if it is not efficient.

Job security for Kuwaiti is not a main concern; they are more concerned with wealth and money making rather than loyalty to their entities which Justifies their instability and the frequent change between Jobs. Kuwaiti government supports locals by providing an external income as a reward and motivation for Joining the workforce and specifically the private sector. Moving up the corporate ladder in Kuwait is very fast and can be achieved through personal relationships and the employment of merchant family members which gives a privileged access to influential decision makers in Kuwait.

Kuwait nature and work ethics are different than Germany, Kuwaiti work for less hours and reflects lower intensity and productivity efficiency, they provide average performance unlike German standards that are comparatively high as you believe that work defines your existence and you strive to bring the optimized performance through working intensively. Gifts are accepted in Kuwait no matter how expensive it is, if someone offered you a gift you should have no doubt in the intentions as declining it will lead to an aggressive reaction from the person who offered it and he will consider it as a non respectful action.

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