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Staffing Models A staffing model is important in a small business to maximize efficiency and ensuring it is staffed with the right number of people, possessing the relevant skill sets to meet critical business needs at the appropriate time. In a small business many positions can represent a single point of failure. In a large business, gaps in staffing can be covered by other areas and overstuffing can be absorbed until attrition occurs. However this is not the case in small businesses, where one staff member represents a significant percentage of the total employees.

There are multiple steps to creating suitable staff models, in which business owner needs to identify the critical skills and job roles needed to staff the company. In a small business such as a daycare it is usual that the mentor to child ratio is taken into account; there are many more children than mentors. Therefore if a staff member where to be absent, the duties and responsibilities transfer to the mentors that are present, most likely doubling the work amount for the mentors.

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The ideal candidate for this specific small business would be one that is reliable, adaptable, and dedicated. Next we need to identify gaps within the organization. What is needed to complete the vision and mission I have imaged for the daycare. This could be internal action or cross training or external recruitment efforts will be needed. This if followed by the thought of future needs of the organization. Refer back to the mission and vision and strategic plan for the daycare, to identify the areas in which the daycare is expected to grow in the future.

In the case of the daycare I believe would be location, location. This is important to keep in the back of your mind when think of expansion. Account for absences, including both those with can be controlled, terminations, and hose which cannot be controlled, such as medical needs. Finally we come to the development of recruitment plans to address any issues that cannot be dealt with through internal training and succession planning. Document (put things in writing) the plans in writing, but adjust them as changes to the business plan arise. The action that made the most difference was setting a personal example” Dan Bar-Shade, Bridgeable. Legal Issues Summary of Licensing Standards for Day Care Homes Family homes in which care is provided for more than three children, including the caregivers own children. Related and unrelated children, must be licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DDCD), the day care home license must be posted somewhere in the home as well.

It will list the caregivers name, how many children may be cared for in the home, the areas of the home that may be used for child care and whether or not night care can also be provided. When a day care home is licensed, it means that a DDCD or Licensed Child Welfare Agency licensing representative, has inspected the facility and the facility was found to meet the licensing requirements. A licensed is valid for three years and must be renewed on the date given. Licensed day care homes are inspected annually by DDCD or the supervising Licensed Child Welfare Agency as well.

Job requirements: The caregiver must be at least arrears old and have a high school diploma or equivalent to the high school diploma, Caregivers licensed to care for newborns and infants must received training on sudden infant death syndrome (KIDS), sudden unexpected infant death (QUID) and safe sleep; assistants must be least 14 years old and five years older than the oldest child they supervise. Caregivers, assistants and all members of a caregivers family must provide medical reports that they are free of reportable communicable disease.

The caregiver, assistants and all other adult members of the household are subject to backgrounds checks for any record of criminal conviction or child abuse and neglect. A caregivers child age 13 and older are subject to abuse and neglect backgrounds checks. A person certified in first aid, including CPRM and the Heimlich maneuver, must be present at all times. The caregiver may not be employed outside the home during the hours that child care is being provided. Caregivers must have 15 hours of in-service training per year.

Assistants under eagle 8 must work under the direct personal supervision of the caregiver at all times. Assistant arrears of age or older may accompany children playing outdoors and may transport children, if the assistant possesses a valid driver’s license and insurance. A substitute caregiver may be sued in the home up to 25 house per month and for an additional period of up to two weeks in a 12 month period. The caregiver must have a plan which has been discussed with parents guarding child care services if/when the caregiver is ill or absent from the home during day care hours.

Education and Training In-home daycare providers will not be required to have a formal education, but state licensing agencies may require applicants for a license to attend an orientation or training session, although many of the training session will then be introduced as a professional development session at the daycare. The training session will include safety and preventative health education. Safety and health training can include pediatric first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, child attrition, emergency evacuation and safe food handling.

My daycare will have experience operating a smaller daycare or as an administrator in a childcare center. Many of the employees with the day care will have children attending, which will provide; confront/peace of mind for the parents who are leaving children for our care and will give the children the opportunity to grow in an environment that is they feel is like a second home to them, instead of a place where they are just dropped off and placed in other’s responsibility. Licensing The licensing requirements for daycare providers vary by state.

States regulate home daycare providers to ensure the health and safety of children in the facility. Exemptions to licensing may apply if the provider is caring for the children of one family in addition to children who live in the home. To obtain a license, home daycare providers apply to the state and provide information on the age and number of children who will be cared for, the name and age of everyone living in the home and the fingerprints of workers and adults living in the home for background checks.

The licensing requirements for a home daycare also include fatty and sanitation information about the home, which may require the state to inspect the home and ensure it is a safe and clean environment for children Skills believe skills are important in any business in a daycare there are some skills that are far more important than others a daycare provider will have communication skills to discuss the needs and progress of children with parents. The provider will also have the verbal communication skills to explain things to children.

Daycare providers also keep precise records for the state and parents, which requires organizational skills. Operating a daycare can be stressful, which requires the provider to have patience, enthusiasm, balance, compassion, humor, confidence and common sense. Three methods to deal with high employee turnover and the availability of employees with required knowledge, skills, and abilities will be my ability to immobile them to want to get extraordinary things done in the daycare.

It’s about the values and practices we will build on to transform into actions, visions into realities. We will use obstacles for the purpose of innovations, separateness into solidarity and risks into rewards. I ill create the climate in which people will turn challenging opportunities into remarkable successes. I will work with the team members that will be dedicated to the mission and vision of my in-home day care center.

I will provide direction and support to my team during uncertain times, I will utilize the talent of the team to provide training sessions to build confidence, by applying knowledge to products and services, creating extraordinary value for our children and their parents. Will build a sense of community and increase understanding among diverse people. All these succession-planning method will be beneficial to my care business. I am a true believer that the most important leader in the organization is the organizational relationships, the credibility, and about what you do.

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