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Imaginative story example



Words: 410 (2 pages)

The soft and smooth pebbles scatter themselves around the fascinating each. Further down, the debris lay around on the outstretched sandy beach as though it had been thrown over somebody’s shoulder in disdain; it lay hopelessly, waiting for someone’s love to spill. It lay, waiting for someone to reach their aching souls. It was the…

Advantages of Using Paper Charcoal




Words: 1407 (6 pages)

Charcoal has been considered a beginning of fuel for many Filipino people particularly in the rural countries. Harmonizing to a study by The Central Echo ( 2011 ) . more than 90 % of Filipinos are dependent on wood coal for cooking. While merely 1-2 % usage Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( LPG ) or kerosene…

Atchafalaya: an analysis




Words: 642 (3 pages)

Introduction             In John Mcphee’s book The Control of Nature, he attempts to look into several natural phenomena and how people have attempted to cope with the serious effects brought about by these events. In Atchafalaya, Mcphee notes that attempt of man to “prevent the Mississippi from changing course by controlling flows diverted into the…

Ansel Adams: Zone System and Group






Visual Arts

Words: 1164 (5 pages)

It was because of the lack of purity and crispness within Adams’ first hotplate that drove him to develop a better way in which he could capture the raw beauty of nature. By searching for ways to better nature and landscape photography, Adams construct the Zone System and Group f/64; which helped Influence the development…

Comparative Commentary – There Will Come Soft Rains







Words: 1914 (8 pages)

“There will come soft rains” is both the title for the short story by Ray Bradbury and the poem by Sara Teasdale and the poem is embedded in the short story. The poem and short story were written in 1920 and 1950 respectively, shortly after WWI and WWII. Thus it is not surprising that both…

A Goddess of the Earth: Gaia Hypothesis



Natural Environment



Words: 295 (2 pages)

A Goddess of the earth: “The Gaia hypothesis says that the temperature, oxidation state, acidity, and certain aspects of the rocks and waters are kept constant, and that this homeostasis is maintained by active feedback processes operated automatically and unconsciously by the biota. ” – James Lovelock, The Ages of Gaia It often seems obvious…

Review on Adidas Corporation: What is the nature of Adidas?


Words: 1060 (5 pages)

Within this report I will be writing about Adidas as an organisation and the nature of the company. Adidas is an international retailer of sportswear that is one of the second highest profitable business in this sector behind Nike however Adidas is hoping that through marketing itself well through using sporting events and the new…

Transcendentalism and Nature



Words: 748 (3 pages)

Transcendentalism Today Though there are many basic premises of transcendentalism, being close to nature seems to be the most practiced still today, yet people never notice the amount of influence of this particular principle. Everyone has a little transcendentalism in him or her, but even those people are wondering how that is even possible. Look…

Hot Air Balloon Report




Words: 812 (4 pages)

Block Mrs. Sneed Hot Air Balloon Report Hot air balloons fill up slowly and then rise in the sky. Two important principles of physics: the ideal gas law and Archimedes’ principle are the reasons hot air balloons fly. The mathematical relationship between the volume pressure and the temperature of a gas is called the ideal…

The Inherent Nature of Man


Words: 998 (4 pages)

There are two conflicting views on human nature. Chinese scholar Hsun Tzu believed that man’s nature is evil and when man acts “good” it is only the result of what he called “conscious activity. ” In the text, he describes conscious activity as “the part [of man] that can be acquired by learning and brought…

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How nature is important for our life?
It underpins our economy, our society, indeed our very existence. Our forests, rivers, oceans and soils provide us with the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we irrigate our crops with. ... Because nature is free, we often take it for granted and overexploit it. Read More:
What is nature and its importance?
Nature gifts many benefits to humans. From the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, nature enhances our wellbeing and freely provides the essentials for our survival. For decades, scientists and environmentalists have discussed the concept of ECOSYSTEM SERVICES.
What is nature short essay?
Nature refers to the interaction between the physical world and the life within it like animals, birds, trees, plants, and humans. It also includes non-living things like landscape, water, and others. The surroundings we live in, the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe in are all part of nature.

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