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This assignment consists 100% of the total in-course assignment 1 . Chronology Prepare a brief chronology of the negotiation up to the date of submission, based on data collected. The chronology should be presented clearly and concisely. (Word limit – 400) 2. Issues (10 marks) Identify the substantive issues of the negotiation and the range of values “Ideal Realistic – Fallback” that apply to each party. Identify all the subsidiary issues involved. Word limit – 500) 3. Power (20 marks) Analyze the relative power of each party at a stage in the chronology identified by you taking into account all the issues identified in Task 2 and show how their importance changed or developed throughout the events described above. (Word limit – 800) 4. Strategy (35 marks) (If the negotiation has been completed) Analyze the methods used by one side and comment on their use of negotiating principles; or (if the negotiation has not concluded yet) prepare a recommendation to one party on how to proceed to a successful conclusion using negotiating principles. Word limit – 800) (Total: 100 marks) DELIVERABLES The Report constitutes 100% of the total in course. Each individual is required to write a formal report – academic format; Font type : Times New Roman Font size : 12 pits Line spacing : 1. 5-line spacing OTHER REMARKS 1. Due to the nature of the assignment, some of the researched materials can be based on unusual sources. 2. Students are advised to support answers by using appropriate academic references. 3. ALL sources must be properly referenced sing the Harvard Referencing System.

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA The proportion of the total marks notionally allocated to each part of the assignment is shown below. These will be used as guidelines and may not be strictly adhered to where other aspects of the overall submission suggest otherwise. In order to obtain a bare pass (40-49%), answers should follow a recognized report format, clearly presented and easy to follow. The issues should be clearly identified and expressed in a professional, not a colloquial manner.

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