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Cadet Challenge Presentation

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A: Hello my name is Ali and today my group is going to talk to you about Cadet challenge. First of all to start off with I will tell you about the activities you will be doing if you decide to get involved in Cadet Challenge. In Cadet Challenge you will do 5 different activities including Pull-ups, Curl ups, Shuttle run, 1 mile run, and V-sit or sometimes called sit and reach. J: Hello my name is Johneice. Nutrition is a main role in Cadet Challenge too ‘cause with the right amounts of each food group your body will be healthy and will be able to work better and perform better.

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J: Hi my name is Jorge. On the v-sit or sit and reach you will sit on the ground with your shoes off, Feet flat against the board, Legs straight with one person on each side holding your knees down, then you reach forward as far as you can. The distance from the fingertips to the number is what your score is.

A: Pull-ups are next. For boys you start out hanging then you start your pull ups make sure your chin goes above the bar and your arms are all the way hanging before you start your next pull up. J: Flexed arm hang is for the girls.

You start out with your chin above the bar. You try to hold on for as long as you can and as soon as your chin goes below the bar your time stops. To get a100 percent you need to have your chin above the bar for exactly or more than 1 minute and 15 seconds. J: On curl ups you have to see how many you can do in a minute. You have to have your arm crossed over your opposite shoulders. And your elbows have to touch your thighs. Make sure your feet our flat on the ground and you butt doesn’t come off the ground.

A: on shuttle run you have two wood blocks on one side of a 30 feet apart line and you run to one side and pick up a block then you run to the other side and pick up a block then you sprint all the way back. But if you mess up on the first time don’t worry you get two tries. And they pick your best time as your final time. ( J: The final event is the one-mile run. Make sure you don’t start off to fast at the beginning because then you may not be able to run at that same speed the whole way. Make sure you pace your self and try to do the best you can do cause after a little while it will be over soon.

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